Select High Quality, Strongly Built Commercial Furniture


Furniture for commercial premises must be of a high quality and able to take a fair amount of wear and tear. At Wills Furniture we use master craftsmen to construct furniture that is strongly built, of a high quality and with beautiful finishes. We offer a full range of options for commercial furniture, including modular seating for waiting rooms and reception areas, dining chairs, boardroom chairs and a range of sofas and ottomans designed precisely for commercial applications.

Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators can be assisted by Wills Furniture in developing lay-outs and modular plans, if required, as we have the expertise not only to manufacture furniture but to develop plans. We can also customise and modify commercial furniture to suit the design requirements of a project, producing furniture pieces to specification.

If you are an Interior Designer, Decorator or Architect you can review our range online or via our catalogue to make selections on your client’s behalf. You are also most welcome to visit our Showroom to view our range and discuss your requirements, modifications or customisation of any of our pieces. You may also bring your clients to see the range. We request that visits to the showroom, located at Guest Street, Hawthorn, be made by appointment to ensure we can give you our undivided attention.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment or view our range online. You can be confident to present your project in the finest fashion when selecting Wills furniture; the quality and finish of our pieces create a lasting first impression.


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