Renovations At The Lodge, Canberra Features Wills Furniture Sofas


The recent $9.4 million renovation to The Lodge in Canberra, which has taken almost three years to complete, was unveiled to the public last week. The updated 40-room Georgian revival-style residence, which has housed Australian Prime Ministers for the better part of 90 years, has a new, refreshed look. Wills Furniture was honoured to be commissioned by Adelaide Bragg & Associates to supply two sofas from their renowned sofa collection. The matching Adelaide sofas both have waterfall skirts and are upholstered in perfectly patterned matched check fabric from Colefax & Fowler. Extreme comfort is attained with luxurious feather/down seat cushion inserts, which complement the elegance of these sofas within this beautifully renovated room setting.


Striking Stripes

Dazzling striped pattern on Bradbury sofa

Dazzling striped pattern on Bradbury sofa

A dazzling fabric choice makes this sofa a complete stand out. Chosen by Ruth Johnson of The House With The Red Door for her Malvern client, it is superbly upholstered in Colefax & Fowler Marsanne Rose Indien Stripe. The customised Bradbury sofa, hand-made by Wills Furniture has steel coil hourglass springs in the seat and back, hand carved legs polished natural and luxurious seat cushion inserts with a secret mix of feather and fibre wrapped foam. Not only elegant and eye catching but superbly comfortable.

Welcome To A New Apprentice

Apprentice Gabe Burton

Apprentice Gabe Burton

Welcoming Gabe Burton to Wills Furniture, Gabe has joined the team as a first year apprentice. He expressed his keen interest in the furniture upholstery business and to our delight has immediately shown skill and talent. He will be learning on the job from some of the most experienced and skilled upholsterers in Australia as well as attending Holmesglen TAFE one day a week to study the upholstery course on campus. Gabe will soon learn the trade secrets and high level skills imparted through our upholsterers and a long tradition of quality furniture manufacture at Wills Furniture.


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