Stunning Classic Chairs In The Wills Furniture Collection

A classic chair made by craftsmen using traditional techniques and upholstered for comfort and style is a thing of beauty.  It can become the focus within a room or sit quietly beside a sumptuous sofa. The chairs in the Classic Collection at Wills Furniture will do any interior design proud. Constructed from eucalypt hardwood, F7 Victorian Ash which is hand-picked and kiln dried, the frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined, with sturdy corner blocks. Hand sprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge creates seats that are supremely comfortable and made to last!


The Adelaide Chair
This classic English design has a claw style arm and is available with a tight fitted back, coil sprung or a loose back cushion. It is elegant with polished legs with brass castors or choose a more ladylike option with a pleated skirt (fully lined) or even a combination of both, if desired.


The Alexandra Chair
This occasional chair has a sprung fitted seat with quaint scroll arms, and a curved, filled back for sumptuous comfort. Once again you have a choice of polished legs or a skirted finish.


The Annabelle Chair
This lovely bedroom chair is a compact size to fit the boudoir. Its armless design features a traditional deep diamond buttoned back. It has a coil sprung seat and tailored skirt.


The Auburn Chair
This wing chair is an optimal size with square, compact arms in a sleek, flowing design with twin piping on the arms. The chair is complemented by fine, elegant legs and brass castors.  Sumptuous feather cushions and a uniquely designed coil sprung lumbur support back ensure comfort plus seating.

Simply select the design of your choice from our Wills Furniture Collection and the fabric of your choice from any fabric supplier to create a designer seat for your interior space.

Interior Design Lasting Impressions

Stratford Sofa in two tone velvet

Stratford Sofa in Port Melbourne apartment

When an Interior Designer or Decorator revamps a room or creates the interior style for a new home they leave a lasting impression. Of course they want that impression to be one of quality, beauty and longevity. So the construction of the furniture pieces so carefully selected and placed is of paramount importance to the legacy of their design. A home owner does not want the curtains tearing, paint peeling, rugs fraying or furniture collapsing after just a few years. That is why Interior Designers and Decorators are so careful and thoughtful in the selection of all the pieces that go together to create their overall project design. Not only the look, colour and feel but the quality and ability to last are attributes they seek in their selections.

Enter Wills Furniture – we are well respected furniture craftsmen that have been designing and constructing high value furniture for many years. Following time honoured traditional methods that ensure furniture is made to last our upholstery frames are made from Australian eucalypt hardwood, usually F7 Victorian Ash, hand-picked and kiln dried. The frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined, with sturdy corner blocks. Comfort is assured by the traditional methods used in the seating – hand sprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge. Only a few specialist craftsmen know these techniques today and at Wills Furniture we have proudly passed on the traditional methods of furniture construction since we were founded over fifty years ago.

Another of the benefits with this style of construction is the ability to modify designs to suit a Designer’s requirements. Sofas can become chairs, chairs can become sofas, pieces can be sized differently to suit a space and slight variations in the style can be made. All pieces selected are upholstered in fabric selected by the Designer from any fabric supplier they nominate. We are proud to be an integral part of the team when it comes to creating a truly stunning and memorable interior space.

Elegance, Comfort & Quality in Contemporary Sofa Design

The Wills Furniture Collection boasts many elegant, comfortable and beautifully constructed furniture pieces anyone would be proud to have in their home. That’s why Designers and Decorators alike love to select pieces from the Collection to complement their interior design concepts.  With classic and contemporary designs you will find the perfect piece to suit any interior style in the Wills Furniture Collection. Following on from our recent blogs, here are a few more designs from the Contemporary Collection:


The Barrington
This sofa is the perfect lounge sofa to relax upon in the living room in front of an open fire. Its comfort is guaranteed with a higher club arm and fully upholstered coil sprung back for sublime support. The coil sprung hardwood frame provides the support and comfort of quality furniture. The three seater measures 2,300mm in width, with a two seater measuring 1800mm and in between the two and a half seater measuring 2,000mm in width.  This design is also available as an armchair and there’s an ottoman to match.

The Geneva
Deemed to be a most comfortable sofa with its sumptuous feather cushions, the back framing is higher than normal with extended cushioning for better head and neck support. The thin, profiled arm with arched high sides and scooped front of the arms gives it a sophisticated look. Also available as a three seater, two and a half seater and two seater, with the same width measurements as The Barrington.


The Houston
The scooped club arm is perfectly shaped giving this sofa an elegant look. The coiled sprung and padded fitted back with split piped division assures supreme comfort together with fully sprung seating and luxurious large, feather wrapped cushions. The elegant lines of the overall design are highlighted by the large, solid, sleek profile polished feet with bevelled detail and patina polished finish.  Available in three seater, two seater and two and a half seater, as well as an armchair.

Customised Furniture for Brighton Residence

Interior design by Katicia Roncevic. Furniture by Wills Furniture

Interior design by Katicia Roncevic. Furniture by Wills Furniture

It is a delight to work with Decorator Katicia Roncevic from Coco Republic and a recent project for a bedroom in a Brighton residence was no exception.  Katricia selected Wills Furniture Rialto chair with matching ottoman to nestle in the corner of this sunny room. A custom made bedhead, curved with studding detail and a custom made bed end stool with turned legs and traditional deep diamond buttoning complete this perfect decorator combination of design, textures, colour and lighting effect, transforming this bedroom into a luxury retreat.  The furniture pieces selected for this project beautifully reflect the mix of pieces from the Wills Furniture Collection together with custom made furniture that Decorators and Interior Designers often use to help create a unique room design.

This attractive custom made piece completed by the artisans at Wills Furniture is a daybed armchair in a traditional design and upholstered in wool plaid check. Comfort is assured with a hand tied coil sprung seat and comfy feather/down mix cushioning. The elegant turned legs are polished with brass castors.

Wills Furniture works closely with Decorators and Interior Designers to help bring their design concepts to life. They will modify designs to fit a particular room size or create a bespoke piece to the Designer’s specifications. Sofas in their collection can be made as three seaters, two seaters or as an armchair, providing flexibility in the selection of pieces to fit the room size and the design concept.  All pieces can be upholstered in any fabric or leather chosen by the Decorator or Designer. There are also options for castors, with brass, chrome, antique brass and antique bronze available.