Interior Design Lasting Impressions

Stratford Sofa in two tone velvet

Stratford Sofa in Port Melbourne apartment

When an Interior Designer or Decorator revamps a room or creates the interior style for a new home they leave a lasting impression. Of course they want that impression to be one of quality, beauty and longevity. So the construction of the furniture pieces so carefully selected and placed is of paramount importance to the legacy of their design. A home owner does not want the curtains tearing, paint peeling, rugs fraying or furniture collapsing after just a few years. That is why Interior Designers and Decorators are so careful and thoughtful in the selection of all the pieces that go together to create their overall project design. Not only the look, colour and feel but the quality and ability to last are attributes they seek in their selections.

Enter Wills Furniture – we are well respected furniture craftsmen that have been designing and constructing high value furniture for many years. Following time honoured traditional methods that ensure furniture is made to last our upholstery frames are made from Australian eucalypt hardwood, usually F7 Victorian Ash, hand-picked and kiln dried. The frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined, with sturdy corner blocks. Comfort is assured by the traditional methods used in the seating – hand sprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge. Only a few specialist craftsmen know these techniques today and at Wills Furniture we have proudly passed on the traditional methods of furniture construction since we were founded over fifty years ago.

Another of the benefits with this style of construction is the ability to modify designs to suit a Designer’s requirements. Sofas can become chairs, chairs can become sofas, pieces can be sized differently to suit a space and slight variations in the style can be made. All pieces selected are upholstered in fabric selected by the Designer from any fabric supplier they nominate. We are proud to be an integral part of the team when it comes to creating a truly stunning and memorable interior space.


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