Stylish, Upholstered Dining Chairs from Wills Furniture Collection

A quintessential dining chair, that both complements the dining table, yet creates its own sense of style. This is the chair of necessity, a place to perch whilst partaking of food and beverages.  Wills Furniture put as much thought and passion into the design and workmanship of each piece within their dining chair collection as they do with all the furniture pieces within their collection.

Cambridge Dining Chair

Cambridge Dining Chair

A dining chair should be at once practical, comfortable and stylish.  When it comes to practical it’s hard to go past the Cambridge, a classic dining chair style with a humpback and stretcher rails,  upholstered for comfort with a hand tied, coil sprung seat. Clients can choose Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak legs, which can be polished or painted to suit the style of the accompanying dining table and interior design of the dining room.

Como Dining Chair

Como Dining Chair

If you are looking for one of those chairs that you sink back into and feel perfectly at home, the type of chair that you feel comfortable enough to sit around the dining table, drinking good wine and having a great discussion for hours on end, this is the one. The Como has an aesthetically pleasing curved back and can be upholstered in leather, as shown here, or any other fabric of your choosing.  Studding finish to the seat is shown in this version of the chair, equally a piping finish to fabric is pleasing.

Cromwell Dining Chair

Cromwell Dining Chair

This chair will take you back in time to medieval days, with its hand turned, spindle turned legs and stretcher rails. The high camel back is also a feature. Coupled with a large, rustic table these chairs create a unique style. Once again the chair is upholstered in the leather or fabric you choose; the studding finish here is superb. The polished legs can be of Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak.


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