Classic Furniture and Traditional Design

Traditional interior design draws on classical European decor – deep wood tones, period architectural detail and features and elegant furnishings. Using this style as a basis for your interior design creates a unique look for selected rooms or the overall perspective of your home.

Interior Designers look to the shapes, the silhouettes created or the ‘lines’ of the furnishings. Curved Furniture pieces, wing backed chairs, clawfeet on tables, sofas and armchairs all reflect the designs of the 18th and 19th centuries. Chippendale and Queen Anne styles are good examples. Wills Furniture provides a range of comfortable pieces in sofas, armchairs, bedroom chairs, dining chairs and Ottomans that pay homage to the elegance and grace of this period.


Yet such design also reflects simplicity and comfort in its execution and layout. Often a favourite feature – a painting, a piece of furniture or a fireplace is selected as a focal point to create a sense of symmetry.


Laguna sofa leather

Laguno Sofa Silk Leather

Wall and surfaces will be presented in neutral colours, presenting the selected furnishings as features. Furniture in this style of room can be either rich colours – red, blue and brown shades – or sometimes the upholstery will carry the same muted neutral colours. The accessories, the artwork, the cushions and throws often utilise more vibrant and exciting colours in such a traditionally designed room.


Wills Furniture provides a huge range of Fabrics from which to choose from – solid colours as well as florals, damasks and paisleys with a choice of silk, velvet, fine wool, cottons and linens. Your designer will select the fabrics best suited to both your desired design and your needs. Throws, cushions and accessories may often use the more expensive fabrics and features.


Timber tones often set the design impact in traditional design. Wills Furniture use a range of local and imported timbers, both traditional and contemporary, ranging from dark tones through to softer, lighter tones. Exposed arms, legs and headers are often carved and lacquered giving an elegant luxurious comfort to a room. Timbered flooring can accent this look even more, with matching rugs, mats or carpet.


Architectural mouldings in timber and/or plaster provide strong period links and are often used in this style of design. Tiling and intricate patterned timber flooring, arches, columns, bevelled wood panelling, traditional cabinetry all add to the overall look and feel this style can achieve.

Now with the holiday period over, we will re-commence our featured designers in the next few weeks.

Whatever your choice in furniture please visit our website, there is a wealth of simply beautiful furniture for you to choose from.

Design, Luxury, Comfort – with Wills Furniture

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