Reupholstery – When you value your family treasures

When you select Wills Furniture, you have selected real craftsmanship. Working with selected Designers, Decorators and Architects, Wills Furniture create authentic and traditional period furniture in a range of fabrics, styles, sizes and colours.


View the Wills Collection here. A huge range of Classic Sofas, Contemporary Sofas, Classic Chairs, Contemporary Chairs, French Provincial style furniture, Dining Chairs, Tub Chairs, Ottomans and Stools and Bedheads. The Wills Furniture team are all qualified tradesmen specialising in upholstery, fabrics and framing. With the level of expertise available there is no issue in customising traditional designs to meet the requirements of the overall design and function of the specified living room, dining room, bedroom or complete property, look and feel. Classic designs are assigned a more contemporary feel, adopting the very best of times gone by and matching furniture pieces with today’s bold colours and fabrics.


Our Tradesmen are true Artisans. It may be that the family own a treasured lounge or armchair or dining set they wish to reupholster and restore. When the furniture piece is over 100 years old it is imperative that the item is faithfully restored using the techniques, fabrics and components used by heritage furniture manufacturers. The Wills team will restore your favourite chair – its framing, strapping, springs, coverings and the timbers – to its original glory.


Wills offer Standard Re-upholstery, Antique Restorations, full advice and service and Re-Polishing. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation quote.

The Wills team take great pride in their work and will ensure your treasured antique or family heirloom will look the very best it can, and will no doubt last another 100 years with proper care.


Go to the Re-Uphloster page on our website, fill out the form and upload a photograph of your furniture piece.

types-antique-sofas-5.1-800x800Wills Furniture are constantly receiving new fabrics and materials enabling us to keep ahead of and up to date with new trends within the industry.

The Newham Family have worked with and advised Wills Furniture for over 50 years. Paul Newham, a son of one of the original upholsterers from Newham still provides quality advice and direction ensuring the extremely high standards required are maintained and abided by.

So trust your treasured family heirloom furniture to Wills and Sons. Its one thing you will never regret.

Design, Luxury, Comfort – The Wills Way.


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