Traditional Furniture, Handmade with Care

Wills Furniture is a traditional manufacturer of Bespoke furniture and a full range of popular Lounges, Sofa, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans and Bedheads.

Traditional furniture is handmade with care, with an eye to detail and with real experience. Our Upholsterers continue to utilise the same methods in both manufacture and restoration handed down over 4 generations. The craftsmanship is the direct input from those generations of Artisans who have worked for or are working for Wills Furniture.

With a full range of furniture designs developed over 50 years, the quality, workmanship and finish is as expected – superb. And it is the reason why Wills is considered one of Australia’s leading suppliers of unique, handcrafted, quality bespoke furniture.

Traditional designs and styles such as the Adelaide Sofa, the Georgian Sofa, the Macquarie Chair and the Deakin Chair are timeless in their comfort and beauty.


The Whitehall – Traditional Style Classic Sofa by Wills Furniture

Take a look at the Whitehall Sofa. With traditional Diamond Buttoning this beautiful chesterfield styled sofa speaks of luxury and comfort. With large splayed out scrolled arms featuring inset piping detail, the overall finish is class, simply stunning. The sofa is finished with chunky timber legs or piano sized casters – or a tailored skirt.


The Florence – Traditional Style Classic Sofa by Wills Furniture

The Florence Sofa is another exquisite standard, a classical Victorian style sofa. It features a diamond buttoned upholstered back, large scrolled padded arms, polished legs and castors. It may well be a ‘standard’ but there is nothing ‘standard’ about this gorgeous sofa – it is an elegant piece of furniture that simply oozes class. It will complete any selected living space. And if you prefer it can be provided with a full fluted skirt. With luxurious feather down cushions it is sublimely comfortable, overall it is a memorable and stunningly beautiful decorative piece.

From the same period we have the classic winged chair. Two that are ever popular are the Columbia Chair and the Kooyong Chair.


The Columbia – Traditional Wing Backed Classic Chair

The Columbia, a classic winged chair with scrolled arms splayed out, piping facing detail and a pleated rolled edge, features a high wing back with fully sprung lumbar support. Polished Tasmanian Oak legs and stretcher rails create an elegant finish. Sumptuously comfortable with feather combination cushioning and a matching foot stool as an option, this is truly a chair to sink into and relax.

And finally, the Kooyong.


The Kooyong – Classic Wing Back Chair by Wills Furniture

Again the Kooyong is a high backed winged chair, it also features adjustable Lumbar support, unique styled scrolled arms (top facing with a rounded front) and a traditional webbed seat, with sumptuous feather cushions, it too again is simply the chair to sink into and relax. Its cabriole legs are handcrafted and shaped from Victorian Mountain Ash and are highly polished.

With Wills you know that there is fine craftsmanship from real artisans creating timeless and beautiful furniture – furniture to simply relax, enjoy and be delighted by.

For a full review of our whole collection please click here — and enjoy. For now goodbye and see you next week with more from Wills Furniture.

Design – Comfort – Luxury


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