Home Inspirations – Nicky Kervliet

Wills Furniture provide an extensive collection of traditional and contemporary furniture for Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects and Developers.


Custom upholstered sofa

Nicky Kervliet is an exciting and successful designer. Her popularity ensures her services are sought after and you may have to wait to avail yourself of her talent!


Reupholstered Dining Chairs

Professionally qualified as an interior Designer from RMIT in 2001, Nicky established her business with a vision to bring harmony and balance to her client projects. Her focus is on residential interiors. By applying sound design principles and gaining a fulsome understanding of how her clients choose to live and utilise their living space, Nicky has ensured that ‘Home Inspirations’ (her trading name) has enjoyed great success and continues to please and surprise her clients with her vision, understanding and unique style. She does this through carefully considering form and function and working closely with all relevant professionals and artisans involved in her projects and the relevant scope of works for each.

Light is uplifting creating a feeling of space and freedom. Wherever possible Nicky aims to utilise, capture and admit as much light as possible into the home and living spaces.


Queen Anne style custom upholstered bedhead

She ensures that she works to scale and sets colours that advantage both light and scale. For Nicky, utilising colour well enables skilful use of textures.

Nicky is passionate about beautifully upholstered furniture. In this area she always enlists the help, guidance, experience and expertise of Wills and Co Furniture. Whether it is selecting a Wills Design from our extensive collection, to custom designing a significant piece of furniture, or to professionally and faithfully reupholstering genuine and authentic furniture heirlooms or favourite pieces, in Nicky’s opinion Wills and Sons  produce beautiful results of the highest quality with impeccable workmanship.

Nicky believes ‘Your home should reflect you and in essence, this makes it warm and welcoming, a true sanctuary for you to come home to’

Wills and Co Furniture wish Nicky all the best and should you wish to contact Nicky please email her at nkerkvliet@bigpond.com.

Wills Furniture – Design, Comfort, Luxury



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