What fabric should I choose for my lounge suite?

When you engage an Interior Designer to creatively develop living areas in your home you open up a world of choice. No longer will you be restricted to mass produced furniture in a limited range of colours, materials and styles.

There is now a world of fabrics, colours and styles available to you.

Auburn_chair jpg copy

Check out our Wills Furniture Collection and then get the advice of your selected Interior Designer. Bold, bright, beautiful? Or soft, demure and understated? The choice will be yours. Let your home reflect your style, your personality, your vision.

Warwick Fabrics


Take a look here at Warwick Fabrics. Click on Residential. Warwick offer an amazing range of fabrics, leathers and materials. You can search via Colour, Style, Fabric Use and Price. Our suggestion is to utilise a qualified professional Interior Designer in combination with the Wills team in making your selection/s with Warwick and their knowledgeable team.


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.40.04 pm copy

Or you can browse Boyac. The Boyac team have a very exciting range of Textiles. Boyac is home to many of the world’s most revered and sought after Fabric Houses. Click through and view their fantastic range of traditional and contemporary fabrics.

Tigger Hall


Tigger Hall Design in another exciting option when selecting Fabrics. Tigger has a long experience in the Industry as an Interior Designer but now focusses on her Textile agency. Visit the Tigger Hall website and click on Fabrics. Open up a world of beauty and choice.

The Wills Collection offers full range of fabrics, leathers and materials from leading suppliers world wide.


Talk to Manager John Sharkey with regards to your particular needs or requirements. John has now worked at Wills Furniture for over 30 years. John works with Interior Designers and Decorators daily and can guide you in both your selection of a designer or ultimately in your choice of furniture. Book in an appointment to visit our Showroom at 6 Guest St Hawthorn now for early February – you can call 98150111 or leave your contact details here on our website.

Choose Wills Furniture – The Wills Collection – It’s simply the best.



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