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This week we feature a delightful setting – sofa, tub chair, ottoman and matching cushions – dressed and presented by Warwick Fabrics of Melbourne.

The Sofa is the Lyon, one of our more Contemporary designs from the Wills Collection. Here it is dressed in a fabric called Gravity Sand by Warwick Fabrics.

The Tub Chair is the Byron. The fabric on the outer side of the chair is Battersea Sunshine with the inside being Gravity Apple, both available through Warwick Fabrics.


The Ottoman features Antila Mist on the top of the unit, whilst the sides are covered in Mayfair Sky fabric. Piping is Gravity Apple. For a full view of the fabrics on offer from Warwick please view their website here.

The images here have been provided by Warwick Fabrics as part of their ‘Mayfair Collection’.

At Wills Furniture clients can select the fabric they or their Interior Designer have chosen. This enables a flexible and creative approach to your new furniture. It provides the opportunity to ensure a totally unique, original piece. As well, Interior Designers and decorators have the ability to create a personal colour theme for each and every client.

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Wills Furniture can modify items in our collection as instructed to suit individual designs and measurements. Simply provide your requirements when ordering. Wills provide modifications to the exact measurements and requirements given.

Wills Furniture welcome your enquiries. Call now on 03 9815 0111 and book an appointment to visit our showroom at 6 Guest St Hawthorn to inspect our Wills Collection. Or leave your contact details here and we will call you. Wills can provide access to a range of respected creative Interior Designers and Interior Decorators should you need help and guidance with refurbishment or renovation of your home or furnishings.

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Warm and Vibrant – A Contemporary Look

This week Wills Furniture present this delightful sofa. With bold contemporary colours, it blends beautifully with the overall design of the client’s Toorak apartment. Situated in the sitting room it’s both relaxed yet stimulating and vibrant. A custom designed Sofa in Morris and Co’s Woodford plaid in brick and wine.


With the summer holidays almost done, for many it’s the time to be considering both reupholstering or replacement of both holiday home furniture and that of your permanent residence. Take advantage of the Easter break and prepare for the colder months coming. Consider the space you have available and your needs now as either a growing family or transitioning to ‘empty nester’ status. It’s time to stamp your character on your furnishings, time to look to comfort, beauty and enjoyment of your home.

Here are some of the Wills Collection sofas and armchairs offering timeless beauty, real luxurious cushioning and appealing design.

The Georgian


Georgian Sofa


Georgian Armchair

This sofa is of a classic Georgian style and one of the first designs executed by the Wills family business over 50 years ago. It features finer upholstered square arms, coil springs, upholstered back and a coil spring base. Choose either polished legs and castors or a tailored skirt finish. Puffy feather combination seat cushions assure you of supreme comfort, completing an elegant finish with fine piping detail. The Georgian Sofa is also available in matching armchairs. Seating sizing can be modified to suit your needs.

The Flinders


Flinders Sofa

The Flinders Sofa is a popular sofa for family rooms. Luxuriantly designed it features large plush cushions with rotund padded scroll arms. It’s eminently suitable for lounging, for relaxing. The sofa has good support for head and shoulders, the cushions are a luxuriant feather/fibre wrap combination and the base is hand tied coil springs. Sink back into this sumptuous sofa – and relax. It can be finished with polished block tapered feet or it can be skirted – your choice.

For further information please call 03 9815 0111 and make an appointment to inspect our full range at the Wills Showroom at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Or leave your details here and our friendly staff will contact you to assist.

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Classic Furniture – Timeless Beauty


The Wills team have always been at the forefront of quality and design in both Traditional and Contemporary Upholstered Furniture. Much of the know how and superb design elements have carried through from the original Newham family business first established over 80 years ago.


Adelaide Sofa

Paul Newham is the son of the original upholstery experts and craftsmen from the well known Newham family. Paul still provides input and advice and offers direction at the current Wills factory on such matters as tooling, methodologies staff development and training. The Newham family have been involved with Wills Furniture for over 50 years. Together as Wills Furniture, the Wills team have created a timeless range of sumptuous, quality furniture, a range of traditionally manufactured and crafted upholstered furniture specifically suited to the Australian market, its clients and their needs.

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Interior Designers and Decorators select fabrics, colours, designs and the overall look and feel of their clients homes. For first class, absolutely magnificent furniture, their first stop is Wills Furniture. A style of sofa, chair or ottoman is selected and dressed to the Designer’s requirements and specifications. The Wills range is constantly evolving, with new editions complimenting its extensive range.


The Macquarie Chair

Whilst classic sofas such as the Adelaide, the Georgian, the Macquarie and the Deakin are always in demand there are also newer, more contemporary sofas suitable for todays spacious open living areas available as well. The Avalon, the Baltimore and the Laguno are in constant demand from both Interior Designers and the clients alike.

Laguno_a20151027b two paintings tables fixed

Laguno Sofa

Many Designers provide designs for specialist Bespoke pieces as well knowing that upon completion, these designs are faithfully implemented, crafted and presented by the Wills artisans. Small adjustments and changes are accommodated seamlessly. Over time new variations that prove popular have been added to the Wills range.


The Wills Furniture showroom is located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Please call 03 9815 0111 now and make an appointment to view our delightful range at your convenience. Or leave your details here and a staff member will contact you to assist you.

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