The Wills Furniture Winter Bedhead Sale – Order Now

With Winter upon us, it’s time for early nights and real comfort. Maybe it’s time to consider a new bed. Why not complete it in style with a Wills Bedhead from our new bedhead collection. For two months – June/July – our clients can enjoy a 50% discount on all standard bedheads featured in our Bedhead Range. View the full collection here.


Wills Furniture has recently expanded our collection of unique Bedheads. With the same exacting craftsmanship and refinement you’ve come to expect with all Wills Furniture, the Bedhead range offers a wide choice of styles, fabrics and finishing.

You can view the full collection here. With choices ranging from traditional through to more contemporary, modern styles, you’re sure to find the Bedhead to compliment the look and feel of your home and its bedrooms.


A broad selection of fabric, buttoning, studs and piping is available upon request (for a small fee where non-standard)


You may also wish to consider our range of Contemporary Chairs with both some new additions and selected modifications. You can view them here – Our new additions – the Admiral and The Milford, and The Lyon, an updated favourite.

Add to these changes in our popular French Provincial Chairs – the Louis and the Bergere, with sturdy new frames and fresh fabric choices.

For Dining Chairs, we introduce the Rochester and updates on the Odeon and the Sebastian. Each chair offers different opportunities in design with Rochester featuring solid sides curving in to meet a high back. The Odeon is a simple dining chair, elegantly proportioned, comfortable yet demure. The Sebastian is somewhat more ornate with curved legs at the front, full seat cushioning and a high back.


Lastly, we’ve added a new Tub Chair – the Moyston. It’s a solid chair featuring a high back, solid rectangular arms and side panels with attractive timber framed legs.


For further information on any of our featured Wills Furniture Collection items please call 03 9815 0111 to make an appointment to view our Showroom located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Alternatively leave your details here and one of our team will get back to you promptly to assist you with your enquiries.

Remember, it’s Wills Furniture for Design Luxury and Comfort.

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Tradition and Design Excellence From Long Point 2019 – 29th April to 1st of May

At Wills Furniture we take note of furniture trends overseas. Having reviewed the Salone del Mobile Milano, we now turn to the United Kingdom where each year, the recognised premium furniture industry stages the Long Point event, a show profiling the very best in handcrafted and handbuilt upholstered furniture.

The Long Point Furniture Guild is one of Britain’s most celebrated trade Guilds.

This year, we again had the privilege of viewing some exquisite pieces displayed by some of Britain’s oldest and most established Furniture Houses.

Featured here are some of the stand-out displays…

Alexander and James

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.35.14 pm.png

A beautiful Chesterfield inspired Sofa with bright, vibrant seating in vermillion, orange and gold, with scatterback cushions in turquoise, gold and vermillion patterned fabrics.

David Grundy Upholstery

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.35.53 pm


A sumptuous two-seater sofa in a ‘dirty tan’ scatterback with chalky browns and mustard patterned cushions. Angled armpieces with buttoned finish.

Gascoigne Designs

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.36.23 pm.png

A contemporary Sofa with curved arms in a soft chalky mottled grey. Highback with matching patterned cushions.

John Sankey

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.37.09 pm

A petite Sofa lounge in a rich burgundy patterned fabric washing into tones of soft blues and light creamy turquoise. Elegant timber legs with brass casters.

At Wills we offer true bespoke design. In our collection you will discover similar sofas and lounge suites, all of original design, created and developed by the Wills team over the last 80 years. What is exciting are the possibilities at Wills to select from a range of fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses. Ensure you not only choose the design you prefer but you’re confident that every detail has been taken care of – exact measurements for your floor plan, the luxury, comfort and style you have come to expect with Wills.

Visit our website and review our complete selection. We have an excellent selection of Classic and Contemporary Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans and Bed Heads to suit a full range of interior design.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 to schedule an appointment to visit our well appointed showroom, located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

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Prepare for a busy Spring with Wills Furniture

To all Interior Designers and Decorators – Right now is a great time to be preparing for a busy Spring period. Make sure that your catalogues, price lists and brochureware are all up to date. This week we have dispatched our latest catalogues, price lists and brochures to many of our clients. Take the time to browse through the new catalogue and update yourself on our new additions.


If you are an industry participant and have not received an update, please contact us on 9815 0111 and we will send you our latest material.

At Wills Furniture we offer a full range of both classic and contemporary upholstered furniture, handmade utilising traditional methods handed down for over 80 years. Our artisan and Tradesmen can craft your individual creations ultimately as well interpret and craft your bespoke designs or utilising your customised measurements to suit your latest projects and their requirements.


Select fabrics from the world’s leading fabric houses – leather, cloth and linens. Choose from skirted valances, brass or stainless steel castors, hand tied springs and feather down foam or combination of both in cushioning, seating and backing.

And don’t forget we now offer our new range of Bedheads, currently discounted as an introductory offer.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.17.58 pm.jpg

Call now on 03 9815 0111 and visit our showrooms at 6 Guest Hawthorn. Schedule an appointment that is convenient to you and we can discuss your needs, requirements and the processes involved. Visit our website and view our Wills Furniture Collection here.

When you require real quality, comfort and design, choose Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best.

Interior Design – Appoint an Expert


For many years now, Wills Furniture have had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s best Interior Designers. Developing new bespoke pieces, creating exquisite upholstered furniture that is unique yet addresses their client’s tastes and preferences. The Wills Collection provides the perfect palette for Interior Designers and Decorators with a brilliant range of Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans, Bedheads and Occasional Pieces – Classic or Contemporary.


For clients determining and selecting their preferred Interior Designer, their choice may come through a personal reference. Or it may simply be admiration of the work done by a particular designer. Ultimately it’s a very important consideration – you are selecting a professional to renovate or redecorate your home.

Lisa Frederick, a US contributor to Houzz provided some insights in her article and we hope it can assist you in choosing a Designer who is right for you.


Interior designers do much more than make a home pretty — they turn it into a harmonious haven that’s uniquely yours.

When most people think about hiring an interior designer, they zero in on aesthetics: wall colours, window treatments, pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what a designer can add to a home. These pros go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious through and through, from its floor plan and architectural envelope to the last nailhead, tassel and tuft.


What an interior designer does: A designer envisions, plans and outfits spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. He or she balances aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients’ lifestyle, set the desired mood, complement the home’s architectural features, and ensure that less glamorous details (like electrical outlets and air vents) fit into the scheme. An interior designer also cultivates relationships with trusted artisans, vendors and others who execute the design.

When to hire one: You may have a clear vision for your home, but an interior designer can help you bring it to life while making sure it satisfies nitty-gritty considerations such as space planning. A trained eye and a creative mind-set allow for devising solutions that you might never have imagined, and attention to the tiniest details will transform your space into a haven that looks polished and complete.


What it will cost: Interior designers have various fee structures. They might charge an hourly rate, a flat fee or a percentage of total project costs. You may also be asked to pay a retainer before work begins.

If you’re on a set budget, don’t assume that hiring a designer is beyond reach. Many will be happy to arrange a few hours of consulting or will help you source furnishings and decorative accents.


Where to find one: The directory of interior designers on is a good starting place, where you can find designers in your area and beyond and view their portfolios.

If you spot a room you love when browsing Houzz photos and ideabooks, take note of the designer’s name. (You’ll see a link to professionals’ profiles in the lower-right corner of their photos.) Some designers will work with clients who are based in other cities, though travel time and expenses can add up.

Friends with fabulous houses are another likely source. You can also visit show houses and home tours to see which spaces strike your fancy.


Be sure the designer is a good match for your style. No two clients are alike, and good interior designers are nimble enough to hop from urban pied-à-terre to rustic farmhouse to beachside getaway without missing a beat. However, almost all of them have a fundamental aesthetic that remains consistent throughout their work. For example, if you want pure whites and pale neutrals, don’t choose a designer whose signature is bold colour palettes. When interviewing designers, look for parallels between their previous work and the design you want.

Collect samples. Even if you have trouble articulating your desired look, pictures of rooms you love can instantly give the designer a sense of what you crave. He or she will ask you about specific points of the design that resonate with you and use those as guidelines. Fabric swatches, paint chips, furniture catalogs and your own Houzz ideabooks are other good sources for showing items you like. On the flip side, pull examples of colours, motifs and furniture styles that turn you off, which can be equally helpful.


Decide in advance which pieces must stay. Not willing to get rid of your Biedermeier sideboard or your majolica collection? The process will go more smoothly if you share that information with your designer during the initial site visit and consultation. That way, he or she can plan around the items that you don’t want to give up.

Involve the designer as early as possible in the building process. If you’re remodelling or building from scratch, include the designer in the planning stages with your architect and contractor. This way, the pros involved will all be on the same page and can iron out any potential discrepancies — particularly those that involve the bones of a home, such as doorways, ceiling beams or interior columns. It’s one thing to reorient a window on paper; it’s another entirely to move it after installation.

Try to have all household members present at the outset. Having everyone’s input from the get-go helps to avoid potential conflicts down the road. If a spouse or loved one objects to a certain colour or reveals that he or she just can’t part with Granny’s antique dining table, it’s easiest to work out those issues right away.


Ask the designer to clarify billing procedures. Find out at the beginning when you’ll be charged and what for. In addition to the design itself, you may be billed for travel time, site visits, shopping, phone conversations and more. This way, you’ll be able to anticipate fairly closely what and when to pay.

Keep an open mind. It’s a rare client who loves 100 percent of a designer’s suggestions right off the bat. Your designer might recommend a piece of furniture or a wallpaper pattern that you’re iffy about, but don’t say no without giving the idea some time to sink in. Chances are that when you ask your designer why he or she chose it, and when you take a little time to live with it, you’ll appreciate the reason it works.


Look toward refreshing down the road. Even the best design doesn’t stay current forever. Ask your designer if tune-up visits in the future are an option, whether they involve simply swapping out a few accessories, reupholstering furniture or choosing new paint colours.


For further assistance in selecting an Interior Designer or Decorator, please call us on 03 9815 0111 and ask for Mr John Sharkey, our manager. At Wills we work with many of Melbourne’s, indeed Australia’s most talented Designers and we would be happy to assist you in your search.


For further information on our Wills Collection, please visit our website here or again call 03 9815 0111 and schedule a time for a consultation. Our showrooms are conveniently located at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn.

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Restoring and Reupholstering Antique, Vintage and Heirloom Furniture with Wills Furniture.

After 90 or 100 years, the older Sofa, armchair or occasional chair probably needs some serious restoration.


Fabrics fade and wear, springs lose their strength and strapping and webbing simply deteriorates. Repaired and restored correctly, the piece maintains its value and appearance; done improperly and it’s easy to ruin very valuable antiques and heirloom furniture.

It’s time to call Wills Furniture, the experts in furniture restoration and reupholstering. Using traditional methods and the finest quality materials, Wills can rejuvenate that family favourite ensuring many more years of usage with comfort, quality and skill.


Often it comes down to the real condition of the piece being considered. Is it merely cosmetic – fabric, springs, webbing or cushioning? Or is it substantial – the frame, the actual integrity of the piece? For instance, if the frame is insect ridden (wood borers or termites) there is really no purpose in restoring it. In this case the Wills team can advise you of a suitable replacement piece.

Wills Furniture, with over 80 years experience in furniture construction and restoration can provide you with a thorough, honest and knowledgeable assessment. If you decide to proceed with restoration, the Wills team of craftsmen and women will restore your furniture piece to its former glory.

Our artisans – upholsterers, machinists and seamstresses will repair and restore the entire piece of furniture, not just its coverings. The Wills team take prided in faithful restorations of exquisite heirloom pieces, recreating the luxury and comfort of the past for your enjoyment. At Wills, we reupholster and repair lounge suites, sofas, dining chairs, bedheads and ottomans, returning them to you in better condition probably than when first built. It becomes that feature piece of furniture you are simply proud to own and display, but more importantly to sit on and enjoy.


Wills Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today ensuring the same gold stamp of excellence identifies a Wills Furniture creation or restoration.

You can arrange a visit to the Wills Factory and Showrooms at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn by calling 03 9815 0111 or by leaving your details here and making an appointment that suits your schedule.

At Wills Furniture, we simply offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort. If in fact we can’t repair the item, we offer a superb range of classic and traditional furniture as replacement options.

You can trust Wills Furniture.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.