Bespoke Design Furniture from the Wills Collection

For Interior Designers, having access to qualified and experienced artisans, upholsterers and framers means there is a quality avenue to producing the very best in bespoke and customised furniture. Wills Furniture is the perfect destination for Designers wishing to realise their bespoke creations. With confidence and the understanding developed over 80 years plus, the Wills Furniture team will ensure your vision, your creation becomes a true masterpiece.

Wills Furniture offer the art of the possible. Provide drawings and plans and the Wills team will advise you of a completion date and fully costed price.

The Wills team have worked with a wide range of Interior Designers and Decorators over many years. We take great pleasure in breathing life and vibrancy into true Bespoke design with real professionalism, craftsmanship and finesse.

Georgian Sofa dressed in Morris and Co ‘Thistle Weave’, Alexandra Chair in ‘Seasons by May’ and Georgian Stool in ‘Bird Weave’ fabrics from Domestic Textiles Corporation

It’s often that a space or living area requires a unique approach. Whether it is significant modifications to a selected Wills Collection catalogue item or in fact is an entirely new design, the Wills team can create the perfect replication of the design supplied and required.

From Modular Furniture, Ottomans, Bench Seating, Traditional Sofas and Armchairs to Bedheads, the Wills team will add life to any design and breath vitality into what then becomes a living design. The end result is a high quality finished piece of furniture, produced utilising the traditional methods and craftsmanship of the Wills team.

Selected and Bespoke design furniture can be produced to accurately fit spaces specified. Designers and Decorators can request small variations in height, in depth, cushion fill and overall comfort and feel.

banner20190801a Aug Sept Oct2.jpg

The Wills Bedhead Collection is also now available to complete an overall design package. Choose from our standard range right now and receive a 50% discount until the end of October. Click here for more information. Or you can design a specific Bedhead to suit your overall bespoke design vision – the Wills Furniture team will deliver a perfect realisation of your vision.

From our Wills Collection this week we offer a selection of the more classical sofas and chairs.


Take a look at the Whitehall Sofa. With traditional Diamond Buttoning this beautiful chesterfield styled sofa speaks of luxury and comfort. With large splayed out scrolled arms featuring inset piping detail, the overall finish is class, simply stunning. The sofa is finished with chunky timber legs or piano sized casters – or a tailored skirt.


The Florence Sofa is another exquisite standard, a classical Victorian style sofa. It features a diamond buttoned upholstered back, large scrolled padded arms, polished legs and castors. It may well be a ‘standard’ but there is nothing ‘standard’ about this gorgeous sofa – it is an elegant piece of furniture that simply oozes class. It will complete any selected living space. And if you prefer it can be provided with a full fluted skirt. With luxurious feather down cushions it is sublimely comfortable, overall it is a memorable and stunningly beautiful decorative piece.

From the same period we have the classic winged chair. Two that are ever popular are the Columbia Chair and the Kooyong Chair.


The Columbia, a classic winged chair with scrolled arms splayed out, piping facing detail and a pleated rolled edge, features a high wing back with fully sprung lumbar support. Polished Tasmanian Oak legs and stretcher rails create an elegant finish. Sumptuously comfortable with feather combination cushioning and a matching foot stool as an option, this is truly a chair to sink into and relax.

With Wills you can trust the fine craftsmanship – from real artisans creating timeless and beautiful furniture – furniture to simply relax, enjoy and be delighted by.

For a full review of our whole collection please click here — and enjoy.

Call now on 9815 0111 and arrange a Showroom viewing at your convenience – or leave your details here and one of our staff members will reply promptly to your enquiry.

Wills Furniture – Design, Luxury, Comfort.

It’s simply the best.

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