Classic and Traditional Design from Wills Furniture

The Wills Furniture team of artisans and craftsmen and women have been producing upholstered furniture in classic designs of timeless beauty for nearly 90 years. The art of creating fine furniture has not changed significantly in that time. The Wills Workshop and Studio may well feature modern equipment, but the traditional manner of creating framing, upholstery and finishing remains a tactile craft requiring a deft touch and genuine skill.

The Wills team have always been at the forefront of quality and design in both Traditional and Contemporary Upholstered Furniture. Much of the know how and superb design elements have carried through from the original Newham family business first established nearly 90 years ago.


Paul Newham is the son of the original upholstery tradesmen and craftsmen from the well known Newham family. Paul provided input and advice for many years and still offers direction to the current Wills staff on such matters as tooling, methodologies, staff development and training. The Newham family have been involved with Wills Furniture for over 50 years. Today as Wills Furniture the Wills team have created a timeless range of exquisite fine furniture, a range of traditionally hand built and crafted upholstered furniture specifically suited to the Australian market, its customers and their needs.

cigar-club-hero-cropInterior Designers and Decorators select fabrics, colours, designs and the overall look and feel of the furniture selected for their clients homes. For first class, absolutely magnificent furniture, the first stop is always Wills Furniture. A style of sofa, chair or ottoman is selected and dressed to the Designer’s requirements and specifications. The Wills Collection is constantly evolving, with new editions complimenting the already extensive range.classic-chairs-macquarie-xl




Whilst classic sofas such as the Adelaide, the Georgian, the Macquarie and the Deakin are always in demand there are also newer, more contemporary sofas suitable for todays spacious open living areas available as well. The Avalon, the Baltimore and the Laguno are popular and in constant demand from both Interior Designers and the clients alike.



Many Designers provide designs for original Bespoke pieces as well knowing that upon completion, these designs are faithfully created, crafted and presented by the Wills team as desired. Small adjustments and changes are accommodated seamlessly. Over time many such designs that have proven popular have been added to the Wills range.


The Wills Furniture showroom is located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Please call 03 9815 0111 now and make an appointment to attend our showroom and view our collection at your convenience. Or leave your details here and a staff member will contact you promptly to assist you.

Remember, with Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best

Design – Luxury – Comfort

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