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The Conundrum – what to do with the beautiful French Provincial chaise lounge that has been in your family for generations. The fabric is worn and aged, the springs have long lost their zest and the wadding and cushioning no longer give support. Yet at over 200 years old, this is a very valuable antique. Restoration and repair is the requirement, but who can be trusted with such a valuable item? Wills Furniture – that’s who – a team of skilled artisans, upholsterers and seamstresses. Furniture makers and restorers extraordinaire!

For many people with heirloom furniture, valuable period pieces or simply family treasures handed down through generations of your family – finding the right people to restore, refresh and repair such beautiful antiques and classic furniture is critically important. At Wills Furniture, the same time-honoured methodologies used to create your beautiful furniture will be called upon to restore and repair it. Featherdown, hand-tied springs, selected timber framing and fabrics and leathers of the same quality and materials. No short cuts, no substitutions.


Heirloom Antiques and well preserved upholstered furniture can provide a difficult dilemma. Do you repair, restore and reupholster? Or do you simply replace it with new furniture, fashioned traditionally by skilled craftsmen and artisans, using the tried and true methods and materials of the trade?

Often it comes down to the real condition of the piece being considered. Is it merely cosmetic – fabric, springs, webbing or cushioning? Or is it substantial – the frame, the actual integrity of the piece? For instance, if the frame is insect ridden (wood borers or termites) there is really no purpose in restoring it. In this case the Wills team can advise you of a suitable replacement piece.

Wills Furniture, with over 80 years experience in furniture construction and restoration can provide you with a thorough, honest and knowledgeable assessment. If you decide to proceed with restoration, the Wills team of craftsmen and women will restore your furniture piece to its former glory.

Our artisans – upholsterers, machinists and seamstresses will repair and restore the entire piece of furniture, not just its coverings. The Wills team take prided in faithful restorations of exquisite heirloom pieces, recreating the luxury and comfort of the past for your enjoyment. At Wills, we reupholster and repair lounge suites, sofas, dining chairs, bedheads and ottomans, returning them to you in better condition probably than when first built. It becomes that feature piece of furniture you are simply proud to own and display, but more importantly to sit on and enjoy.


Wills Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today ensuring the same gold stamp of excellence identifies a Wills Furniture creation or restoration.

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Contact Wills Furniture by leaving your details here or alternatively call us on 03 9815 0111 for a prompt reply. Email us a photograph of your treasured furniture or arrange a visit to our showrooms at 6 Guest St Hawthorn at your convenience to discuss your requirements.

The Wills Furniture team ensure correct social distancing and maintain our showroom to the hygiene standards required by the Federal and State Government Health Authorities. Hand sanitiser and wipes are available at all times.


At Wills Furniture, we offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.

Wills Furniture of Hawthorn – Exquisite Handcrafted Upholstered Furniture – Made in Australia.


At Wills Furniture you can be assured that every piece of furniture produced at our Hawthorn Studio and Workshop is genuinely handcrafted and hand built on site by trained Artisans and Upholsterers. This is done using age old traditional methods that have been handed down over many generations. Your Wills Furniture selection is a real masterpiece – superb design, quality and comfort – it’s from Wills, that’s why.

Upholstery is age old trade. The first practitioners were known as ‘Upholders’ as they created the means of using horse hair, duck and goose down feathers and other materials in the cushioning of sofas and armchairs. It ‘upheld’ for the life of the sofa.


Today at Wills Furniture, these same skills apply and with the addition of modern components – high quality memory foam, premium Australian F1 Hardwoods, stainless steel springs and much more, your comfort and relaxation is assured. (If you prefer feather down, it is available).

The Wills Staff under the watchful gaze of family patriarch Paul Newman continue to produce upholstered furniture of the highest quality as has been done now for over 80 years.

Whether your home is a fully renovated heritage classic on St Vincent’s Place Albert Park, a Federation period home, such as Californian Bungalow or a magnificent Queen Anne style home – the Wills Collection offers you a superb range of Classic Sofas and Chairs to complement the period and style of your home.


Your interior designer or architect can provide required modifications to ensure your selected furniture is the perfect completion of your home and its features. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses. Be comfortable, be satisfied. Select from Wills for a perfect finish.

The Wills Collection represents a refined selection of stylish designs that offer genuine luxury and supreme comfort. From the classic Clivedon and Adelaide Sofas through to the more informal St Pierre, the Amelia and the Sheffield – Wills offers an exquisite range of individual styles, fabrics and finishing from which to choose.

Classic Sofas

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Naturally with our Classic Sofas we offer a full range of Classic Chairs – Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and bedroom classics.

Classic Chairs

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All Wills Furniture is handcrafted using the finest of fabric, leathers and solid framing with sumptuous cushioning. Minor modifications to suit floor plans and necessary alterations are possible – simply notify us prior to your final order.

As mentioned Wills Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today.


At Wills Furniture, we offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort.

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Please call on 03 9815 0111 to schedule an appointment to view our showrooms and catalogue or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Wills Furniture abides by Federal and State Government Health Department recommendations on social distancing and hygiene. Hand sanitiser and wipes are available at all times and the showroom is cleaned regularly to the hygiene standards required.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.

Superb Design, Impeccable Quality – The Wills Collection from Wills Furniture


Having recently purchased a new apartment or perhaps completed recent renovations, it’s time to consider furnishings. Whether it’s a new modern stylish home, a spacious new apartment or a renovated heritage home in inner Melbourne, your first selection in luxury upholstered furniture must be Wills Furniture. The Wills Collection offers a superb palette of classic traditional designs as well as simply stunning selection of contemporary modern styles and designs, which we feature this week.


Take the opportunity of sitting down with your interior designer or decorator, and reviewing the full Wills Catalogue. Choose the design, the look you desire and then select the fabric and accessories that meet with your needs, satisfy your desires and assuage your individual tastes and preferences.

The Wills Collection is the result of over 80 years of constant improvement and development of our superb collection. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and hand built right here at our Hawthorn Studio and Workshop by traditional artisans and tradesmen and women. Modern tooling but furniture building techniques that go back many generations ensure your absolute comfort and first class quality. On trend or period classic, Wills is always your first choice.

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This week’s display features Contemporary Sofas along with a selection of Contemporary Chairs.

The Wills Collection provides a unique opportunity for Interior Designers and Decorators to demonstrate real flair and innovation utilising upholstered furniture of the highest quality.

Selected Sofas and Chairs may be teamed with Ottomans, Dining Chairs and Stools.

The Wills Team can adapt furniture listed with modifications as required to ensure project needs are met and fulfilled.

The Wills Furniture Contemporary Sofa Range

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The Wills Furniture Contemporary Armchair Range

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You’re welcome to visit our showroom at 6 Guest St Hawthorn and view the Wills Furniture Collection in person. Call 03 9815 0111 now and make an appointment with our friendly staff or leave your contact details on our website here and we will contact you promptly to make a time suitable and convenient for you.

Wills Furniture follows Federal and State Government guidelines on both Social Distancing and hygiene requirements for Covid-19. Hand Sanitiser and wipes are available at all times.


At Wills, we work closely with a range of Interior Designers and Interior Decorators. If you require assistance in finding such a suitable professional for selecting and dressing furniture items for your home we are pleased to provide referrals for your consideration.

Wills Furniture provide a full range of services including restoration and reupholstering of traditional and classical furniture.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

At Wills, you know, it’s simply the best

Design, Comfort and Luxury. Refurnish your home with Wills Furniture.


These times have been tough and let’s face it, you need a real reward. It’s time to select from the Wills Furniture Collection, your new lounge suite with matching dining setting, occasional chairs and bedheads. Freshen up your home with exquisitely designed Wills Furniture – the ultimate in comfort, luxury and style. Choose your fabrics, leathers or woven materials from the world’s leading suppliers. Order now and enjoy your new furniture (hand built and handcrafted right here in Melbourne) in time for warm winter nights indoors.


The Wills Collection offers a wide range of designs and styling to suit all tastes. From classic traditional favourites to modern contemporary masterpieces – here is a palette from which to create a simply beautiful home interior.


Start by browsing the Wills Collection here. Confer with your Interior Designer or Decorator, or if you need assistance call us at Wills and make an appointment to view our showroom and folios. We can also assist in directing you to a suitable Interior Designer or Decorator to suit your needs if you so desire.

For your interest and viewing pleasure this week we present some of our more popular sofas – both classic and contemporary.

Classic Sofas

The Suffolk


classic-sofas-suffolk-2-xlWith a classic club arm design, the Suffolk sofa features a T-shaped front cushion. It is traditionally hand-sprung utilising Australian hardwood timber framing. For a full classic look the fully lined tailored valance should be selected.

The Wesley


This lounge features a scooped scroll arm with large studding and hand detailing. It has polished tapered legs and bronze castors. With leather upholstery, the style of the Wesley lends itself perfectly to the billiard room, be comfortably seated with cigar and cognac in hand.

The Whitehall


Featuring traditional diamond buttoning, the Whitehall lounge exudes comfort in a familiar Chesterfield style. Large scroll arms are splayed outwards and are completed with inset piping detail creating a handsome look. Finished in either tailored skirts or with exposed chunky style legs with castors (piano sized) this is the ultimate traditional lounge suite for formal living areas.

Contemporary Sofas

The Cayman


Long, sleek designed sofa with low profile fitted back, lumbar support cushions, classic square club arms. The cushions are luxuriant with a very full and thick, high grade memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. The sleek, high profile plinth and leg assembly, together with the low profile back, gives a nod to classic 1970’s design. The plinth and legs can be polished or painted in any finish to highlight the slimline, smooth appearance of this sofa.

The Geneva


Considered a most comfortable sofa, with sumptuous feather cushions, the Geneva sofa features a higher back frame with cushioning extended for better neck and back support. With a thin profiled arm with higher arched sides and a scooped out front, it profiles as sophisticated with simple elegant lines. The Geneva is available as a three seater, two seater or two and a half seater.


Whatever your needs, task or desire, you will find the right piece for your individual needs or your client’s wishes in our extensive Wills Collection, handcrafted and finished to our exacting quality produced by Wills’ standards ensuring the very best in all upholstered furniture.

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During the current ‘lockdown’ period Wills Furniture adheres to all Social Distancing and hygiene requirements and recommendations of both State and Federal Authorities. Hand sanitiser and wipes are always available.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 to book a consultation at our Showrooms located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Nominate a time that is convenient to you. Or leave your details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry.

Wills Furniture – For Design, Luxury and Comfort.