It’s Unique, it’s Original, it’s Bespoke Design from Wills Furniture.

To achieve a truly individual and stunning visage, Interior Designers and Decorators will often create an entirely new and different item of furniture to complement the overall design and finish of a project. From conceptualisation through to finished item requires expertise and experience in the art of furniture making and upholstery. This is why many Designers and Decorators always select Wills Furniture to create and breathe life into their Bespoke designs.

For many Interior Designers and Decorators, finding a Furniture company capable of interpreting Bespoke Design and one-off unique interpretive design is a real imperative. The Wills Furniture team have many years experience in creating truly Bespoke Furniture for some of Australia’s leading Interior Designers.

The Wills team are classically trained, industry experienced master craftsmen and women. upholsterers, framers, seamstresses – all true artisans with a sensitivity and receptiveness to creative expression. At Wills we work with leading fabric houses and leather suppliers to ensure an absolutely premium finish on every item undertaken.

Custom bed end stool, 1500x550x500mm, with hand polished Queen Anne cabriole legs and fabric from Tigger Hall Design, Juhu – Badal Gray

With real skill and expertise our artisans bring each design to life, creating unique pieces that breathe vibrancy into an overall project vision prepared and executed by an Interior Designer.

The Wills Furniture team are experienced and skilled in producing unique, individual furniture to the design specifications supplied by Interior Designer, Decorators and Architects. As well where required the Wills team can modify current furniture pieces featured in the Wills Collection to meet the space and/or the concepts of the Interior Designer or Decorator as provided.

Designers often create modular furniture with nominated space requirements. Wills will produce the furniture units to fit the spaces exactly and correctly as desired. This includes one-off modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating, traditional sofas and chairs. In short Wills will provide a superb rendition of the plans and designs developed by the designers, decorators and architects on each occasion.

Keep in mind that most Wills designed Sofas can be easily modified to include Sofa Bed mechanisms. Each such mechanism has fully sprung mattresses and is reliably tested for comfort and functionality. Sofa Beds provide a wonderful and simple option for guest rooms or those ‘spare’ spaces.

Please call now and book a time to discuss your requirements with Manager John Sharkey on 03 9815 0111, or leave your details on our website contact page here.

Wills Furniture follows all Covid safety requirements as presented by Federal and State Authorities.

The Wills Furniture team will bring your design visions to life, with beauty, vibrancy and individual flair.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

Wills Furniture – when only the best will do.

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