Preparing for the Holidays? Relax With Furniture From Wills Bisgrove

It’s been a while but it’s now time for the annual summer break and it’s a good time to re-assess the furniture and your living areas of your summer residence.

Luxury, Comfort, Design. Wills Bisgrove Furniture is simply the best. When it comes to taking a break at the Holiday house or apartment, choose from our extensive selection of sofas and occasional chairs. Beautiful design, exquisite fabrics, supreme comfort. Sit back with a chilled drink and truly relax. This is living.

This week we feature the Monterey Sofa in a beautiful beachside setting for a client’s apartment located right on the ocean at Lorne in Victoria. With two matching sofas, scatter cushions and accessories, this is a genuinely inviting vista. Dressed in Warwick fabric Oasis in the colour Steel, these beautiful sofas feature Victorian hardwood frames, steel coil sprung seat construction and feather/fibre wrap foam seat cushions. Which all add up to one thing – your complete comfort and relaxation.

The Wills Collection offer an extensive range of styles and accessories with your choice of fabrics, leather or materials. Take the time to browse our full collection here at your leisure.

For your interest we present to you our full Contemporary Sofa Range.

The Wills Furniture Contemporary Sofa Range

Discuss the possibilities with your interior designer or decorator. Develop your own unique look and comfort with the Wills Bisgrove Collection.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 and arrange a viewing of the Wills Collection at our Showrooms located at 1346 Toorak Road, Camberwell or email us at and one of our staff will contact you to arrange a visit or quotation. 

Please note Wills Bisgrove will be closed from Thursday 23 December 2021. Reopening on January 17 2022.

Wills Bisgrove Furniture – Simply The Very Best!  

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Team at Wills Bisgrove

The team at Wills Bisgrove would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  With the merger of Wills Furniture and Nouveau Bisgrove Furniture now complete and fully operational the Wills Bisgrove team are again in full production with advance orders for 2022 ensuring a very busy workshop. The new premises at 1346 Toorak Road, Camberwell opened in May this year and, with the lifting of restrictions, the showrooms and workshop are again open for appointments (wholesale/trade only). Call us on 03 9815 0111 and book an appointment for the New Year with John Sharkey and Denny Toffoletti to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email us at for a prompt response and scheduled appointment. 

Once again, have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year with family and friends, good food, comfort and joy.  

The Wills Bisgrove Team

The Wills Showroom and Workshop close at midday on Thursday 23rd December 2021 and re-open Monday 17th January 2022 at 9am. 

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From All of the Team at Wills Bisgrove Furniture

At the start of 2021 if you had told us that we are about to do a repeat of 2020, in all probability no-one would have believed you.  Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. At Wills Bisgrove we managed to launch our new business merger, move to new premises and successfully re-open with the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Let’s hope 2022, with nearly everyone vaccinated proves to be an exciting and profitable year. Once again, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Wills Bisgrove.

The Wills Furniture Showroom, Studios and Workshop will be closing for the Christmas – New Year break on Wednesday the 23rd of December at midday. We will be reopening for business on Monday the 17th of January at 9am.

Christmas and New Year is often the time families discover their need for repairs to their much loved heirloom, classic and period furniture. It may be with extra guests that it becomes obvious there is the need to re-upholster that loved lounge suite, sofa or armchair. Or possibly it’s a sofa at the Beach house that has succumbed to the years of family holidays.

The solution is simple. Contact Wills Bisgrove team on 03 9815 0111. The Wills Bisgrove team will then appraise your treasured and loved piece of furniture.

Heirloom Antiques and well preserved upholstered furniture can provide a difficult dilemma. Do you repair, restore and reupholster? Or do you simply replace it with new furniture, fashioned traditionally by skilled craftsmen and artisans, using the tried and true methods and materials of the trade?

Often it comes down to the real condition of the piece being considered. Is it merely cosmetic – fabric, springs, webbing or cushioning? Or is it substantial – the frame, the actual integrity of the piece? For instance, if the frame is insect ridden (wood borers or termites) there is really no purpose in restoring it. In this case the Wills Bisgrove team can advise you of a suitable replacement piece.

Wills Bisgrove Furniture, with over 80 years experience in furniture construction and restoration, can provide you with a thorough, honest and knowledgeable assessment. If you decide to proceed with restoration, the Wills team of craftsmen and women will restore your furniture piece to its former glory.

Our Artisans – Upholsterers, Machinists and Seamstresses will repair and restore the entire piece of furniture, not just its coverings. The Wills Bisgrove team take prided in faithful restorations of exquisite heirloom pieces, recreating the luxury and comfort of the past for your enjoyment. At Wills Bisgrove, we reupholster and repair lounge suites, sofas, dining chairs, bedheads and ottomans, returning them to you in better condition probably than when first built. It becomes that feature piece of furniture you are simply proud to own and display, but more importantly to sit on and enjoy.

Wills Bisgrove Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Bisgrove Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today ensuring the same gold stamp of excellence identifies a Wills Bisgrove Furniture creation or restoration.

You can arrange a visit to the Wills Bisgrove Factory and Showrooms at 1346 Toorak Road, Camberwell by calling 03 9815 0111. We do require visits to be by appointment only. However, you can send photos of your treasured furniture to us via email at after speaking to us and we can proceed from there.

At Wills Furniture, we offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.