Wills Bisgrove – Handcrafted and Hand Finished, Superb Design.

At Wills Bisgrove Furniture each individual piece of furniture has been crafted to exacting standards. For over 80 years the Wills Bisgrove team has operated using the same tried and true methodologies. Master Craftsmen, skilled Artisans create simply stunning upholstered furniture. Timeless beauty – the mark of Wills Bisgrove.

In recent times a number of large furniture retailers have made claims to offering for sale ‘handcrafted’ furniture. It would be interesting to investigate the veracity of such claims. A glance, even with an untrained eye will immediately notice that this simply isn’t true. Manufacturers, both local and offshore are known to ‘cut corners’. The phrase originated where tailors and upholsterers gave ‘short’ measure of cloth/fabric to save money. At Wills Bisgrove Furniture you can be entirely confident that our skilled artisans and tradesmen genuinely hand craft all  furniture in the traditional manner to produce the very best in superb Traditional and Contemporary Furniture – sofas, armchairs, tub chairs, dining chairs and ottomans.

Where others now use robotics and mechanisation, we used skilled artisans plying the time honoured trade they have been passed down through generations. Each component follows rigid quality specifications and manufacturing processes.


Cushions are offered with a range of fillings as standard offerings – feather and foam, premium foam and dacron (seating cushions) and holifil/dacron for firmer back cushions.

Optional choices include ‘Luxury Foam’, Enduro Foam, Spring Cells and Feather combinations.

Coil Springs and Contemporary Springing

All Wills Bisgrove Furniture designs include fully hand tied coil spring construction for extra comfort and durability. This includes the ‘front edge’ of a sofa or chair importantly. However if required the option of contemporary springing remains a selection option.

Frames and Finishing

All Wills Bisgrove Furniture Frames are made from high quality, kiln dried hardwood, corner blocked for rigidity and strength.

Wills Bisgrove offers a range of polishes and finishes. select a colour, provide a sample and our experienced Polishers will match it. Painted finishing and antique style polishing is also available on quotation.

Wills Bisgrove offers a range of studding. For Designers and Decorators this choice provides a great selection.

And the same wealth of choice applies to castors available in 4 finishes – Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze.

See our website for complete details on the options and choices available.

Nearly all furniture in our Wills Bisgrove Collection is able to be modified to meet specific design requirements of Interior Designers and Decorators.

Wills Bisgrove Furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on all items manufactured. Quality is always delivered at the very highest of standards.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 and arrange a viewing of the Wills Collection at our Showrooms located at 1346 Toorak Road, Camberwell or email us at  willsfurniture@bigpond.com and one of our staff will contact you to arrange a visit or quotation. 

Wills Bisgrove Furniture – Simply The Very Best!  

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