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Many people are fortunate to retain either antique or older period furniture in their homes passed down through generations. It often becomes obvious that the time has come for, not just the upholstered fabrics or leather to be replaced, but also requiring attention are the springs, the wadding and the cushioning.  And therein lies the conundrum. Where can the type of Artisans and skilled Craftspeople to complete such a task be found? The answer is simple – call Wills Bisgrove, the renowned leaders in fine furniture restoration. 

Whether it is a classic antique, a mid-century modern or a recent contemporary piece, refreshing with new fabric or leather can instantly lift the appearance and comfort of old furniture pieces. Why not consider one of the newer fabrics on offer to bring currency and rejuvenation to your favourite sofa, armchairs and dining chairs. These days Interior Designers often arrange such makeovers adding new life and vibrancy to otherwise classic designs and furniture styles.

Naturally at Wills Bisgrove we don’t just facilitate a change in the coverings alone. Worn out springs, wadding and foam or down cushioning will be replaced prior to recovering.

Now is a great time to browse the fabric house websites to see what’s new and what’s available. Imagine your older, classic lounge suite refreshed and renewed.

At Wills Bisgrove Furniture we work with leading fabric and textile suppliers. Here is a list for you to visit and browse to make your selection.

Each company has a website with extensive images of fabrics, textures, colours and designs available. Take the time to visit and browse their sites. There is a world of vibrancy and texture available in a myriad range of fabrics. You, your Designer or Decorator can select the right fabric to suit your individual taste, and achieve the look, the style, the comfort you wish to achieve.

Naturally there will be some situations where re-covering or refurbishment simply isn’t practical – insect damage, water damage, wood rot. In that case it’s the perfect opportunity to make a selection from our extensive Wills Bisgrove Collection and enjoy many years of comfort, luxury and exquisite design.

The Wills Bisgrove Collection provides a range of beautiful, upholstered furniture, both traditional and contemporary, from which to choose. The Wills Bisgrove Furniture range is preferred by Interior Designers and Decorators. It offers real choice and distinctly different styles from which to make selections appropriate to particular projects.

To assist you this week here is our Classic Sofa and Chair Selection for your enjoyment and consideration.

The Wills Bisgrove Collections represents a refined selection of stylish designs that offer genuine luxury and supreme comfort. From the classic Clivedon and Adelaide Sofas through to the more informal St Pierre, the Amelia and the Sheffield – Wills  Bisgrove Classic Sofas Collection offers an exquisite range of individual styles, fabrics and finishing from which to choose.

Classic Sofas

Classic sofas block

Naturally with our Classic Sofas we offer a full range of Classic Chairs – Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and bedroom classics.

Classic Chairs 

All Wills Bisgrove Furniture is handcrafted using the finest of fabric, leathers and solid framing with sumptuous cushioning. Minor modifications to suit floor plans and necessary alterations are possible – simply notify us prior to your final order.

Wills Bisgrove Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Bisgrove Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today.

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Wills Bisgrove Furniture provides a Covid safe and compliant environment for all clients and visitors.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

Wills Bisgrove Furniture  – When Only The Best Will Do.

Bespoke Design from Wills Bisgrove. The Perfect Finish Complete in Every Detail

When Interior Designers create unique, truly bespoke furniture it’s to Wills Bisgrove they turn to execute the perfect rendition of each individual piece of exquisite upholstered furniture. Handcrafted, hand-built, the end result is truly stunning – another masterful creation from Wills Bisgrove. 

Custom bed end stool, 1500x550x500mm, with hand polished Queen Anne cabriole legs and fabric from Tigger Hall Design, Juhu – Badal Gray.

Finding a Furniture company capable of interpreting Bespoke Design and one-off unique interpretive design is the real imperative. The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team have many years’ experience in creating truly Bespoke Furniture for some of Australia’s leading Interior Designers.

With real skill and expertise our Artisans bring each design to life, creating unique pieces that breathe vibrancy into an overall project vision, prepared and executed by an Interior Designer.

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team are experienced and skilled in producing unique, individual furniture to the design specifications supplied by Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects. As well, where required, the Wills Bisgrove team can modify current furniture pieces featured in the Wills Bisgrove Collection to meet the space and/or the concepts of the Interior Designer or Decorator as provided.

Designers often create modular furniture with nominated space requirements. Wills Bisgrove will produce the furniture units to fit the spaces exactly and correctly as desired. This includes one-off modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating, traditional sofas and chairs. In short Wills Bisgrove will provide a superb rendition of the plans and designs developed by Designers, Decorators and Architects on each occasion.

Keep in mind that most Wills Bisgrove designed Sofas can be easily modified to include Sofa Bed mechanisms. Each such mechanism has fully sprung mattresses and is reliably tested for comfort and functionality. Sofa Beds provide a wonderful and simple option for guest rooms or those ‘spare’ spaces.

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team will bring your design visions to life, with beauty, vibrancy and individual flair.

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Wills Bisgrove Furniture provides a Covid safe and compliant environment for all clients and visitors.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

Wills Bisgrove Furniture  – When Only The Best Will Do.

Wills Bisgrove – The Collection

There comes a time where compromise is no longer an option. The choice must be the very best, the finest furniture available. Exquisite, superbly stylish design, luxurious comfort and impeccable quality. There is only one choice – select Wills Bisgrove – simply the finest Australian made furniture available. Handcrafted and hand-built there are no comparisons. Refined, superbly finished upholstered furniture without peer – it’s the Wills Bisgrove Collection. 

Wills Bisgrove Furniture is renowned throughout Australia for its fabulous collection of both Classic and Contemporary Upholstered Furniture. Hand built and handcrafted by a dedicated and skilled team of genuine aArtisans, Tradesmen and Tradeswomen, the Wills Bisgrove Collection is a simply stunning array of the very finest furniture available today.

The Wills Bisgrove Collection is the result of over 80 years involvement in the manufacturing and production of simply superb lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional and dining chairs and much more for the fine furniture market, offering excellence in design, comfort and true luxury.

For Interior Designers and Decorators, the Wills Bisgrove Collection offers a magnificent selection of both Classic and Contemporary Upholstered Furniture for your consideration. This week we feature our full collection of sofas as well as details on some of our individual and popular favourites –

Classic Sofas

Classic sofas block

The Suffolk

With a classic club arm design, the Suffolk sofa features a T-shaped front cushion. It is traditionally hand-sprung utilising Australian hardwood timber framing. For a full classic look the fully lined tailored valance should be selected.

The Wesley

This lounge features a scooped scroll arm with large studding and hand detailing. It has polished tapered legs and bronze castors. With leather upholstery, the style of the Wesley lends itself perfectly to the billiard room, be comfortably seated with cigar and cognac in hand.

The Whitehall

Featuring traditional diamond buttoning, the Whitehall lounge exudes comfort in a familiar Chesterfield style. Large scroll arms are splayed outwards and are completed with inset piping detail creating a handsome look. Finished in either tailored skirts or with exposed chunky style legs with castors (piano sized) this is the ultimate traditional lounge suite for formal living areas.

Contemporary Sofas

The Cayman

Long, sleek designed sofa with low profile fitted back, lumbar support cushions, classic square club arms. The cushions are luxuriant with a very full and thick, high grade memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. The sleek, high profile plinth and leg assembly, together with the low profile back, gives a nod to classic 1970’s design. The plinth and legs can be polished or painted in any finish to highlight the slim-line, smooth appearance of this sofa.

The Geneva

Considered a most comfortable sofa, with sumptuous feather cushions, the Geneva sofa features a higher back frame with cushioning extended for better neck and back support. With a thin profiled arm with higher arched sides and a scooped out front, it profiles as sophisticated with simple elegant lines. The Geneva is available as a three seater, two seater or two and a half seater.

To view the full collection, click here – Wills Bisgrove furniture.

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Whatever your needs, task or desire, you will find the right piece for your project or your client’s wishes in our extensive Wills Bisgrove Collection. Handcrafted and finished to our exacting quality standards, produced by Wills Bisgrove, ensuring the very best in all upholstered furniture.

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Wills Bisgrove  – For Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Professional Rooms Require the Very Best – The Wills Bisgrove Collection. Hand Crafted ,Hand Built – Complete Luxury, Comfort and Design.

Medical Specialist Rooms, Legal Chambers, Architect’s Practice or an Accountancy firm – first impressions are everything. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, occasional chairs dressed in stylish yet practical leathers or selected fabrics – patients and clients enjoy the genuine quality and craftsmanship of Wills Bisgrove superb upholstered furniture; relaxed and ready for their consultation, meeting or discussion. It’s a positive introduction thanks to Wills Bisgrove

Wills Bisgrove Furniture offer a full range of options for upholstered furniture to be used in Commercial premises. Modular seating for waiting rooms and reception areas, board room chairs, dining chairs and a range of sofas and ottomans have all been purpose designed for specific commercial applications.

For Designers, Wills Bisgrove offers a new level of comfort and luxury. Add to this the real craftsmanship provided by skilled artisans and the upholstered furniture produced is timeless, yet durable and reliable.

Architects and Designers can confidently select from our Commercial Furniture range knowing the same finesse, workmanship and excellence is standard with every individual upholstered Wills Bisgrove Furniture item – as well as a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and quality.

As always there is the opportunity for Designers to request custom designs and modifications as may be required with commercial specifications. Wills Bisgrove Furniture upholsterers and craftsmen will interpret the design modifications faithfully with dexterity and skill, ensuring the end result is as desired.

Here are some examples of items suitable for commercial application selected from our catalogue:

The Barrington Sofa

The Barrington is comfortable sofa that looks impressive in executive offices or specialist medical rooms. It speaks of quality, featuring higher club arms and a fully upholstered coil-sprung back for solid, comfortable support. The hardwood frame with coil springs ensures a solid yet attractive unit. A three seater measuring 2300mm in width as well as a two seater measuring 2000mm are both available and quite suitable for commercial purposes. Matching armchairs and ottomans are also available.

The Houston Sofa

The Houston is an elegant sofa yet it lends itself to utilitarian purposes in business settings, medical rooms or executive offices. it features a coil sprung fitted back with split piped division and large feather wrapped cushions. The cushion materials can be adjusted to suit the expected usage.

A large, solid, sleek profile with polished feet in detail and patina polished finish. The sofa is available as a three seater, two and a half or two seater as well as in an armchair.

The Chicago Chair

When considering occasional chairs for the office or professional rooms take a look at the Chicago chair. A sleek, armless chair, it features twin needle stitched detail creating a tufted effect on the seat and inside back. Nicely finished with fine piping detail to the edges, it’s highly polished timber base and legs complement its overall look and feel.

For further information on upholstered furniture produced by Wills Bisgrove suitable for Commercial application please call on 9815 0111 or send an email to and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements. Please call to pre-arrange a visit to our showrooms at 1346 Toorak Road, Camberwell. 

Wills Bisgrove Furniture provides a Covid safe and compliant environment for all clients and visitors.

Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Bisgrove – It’s simply the best.