Winter Comfort – Superb Design, Immaculate Quality With Wills Bisgrove

As winter approaches it’s time to retreat indoors and enjoy the comforts of home. Evening dinner parties with family and friends, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the complete comfort of your beautifully designed and upholstered furniture from Wills Bisgrove. Plush fabrics, exquisite design, luxurious cushioning – handcrafted and hand-built to the highest standards. Luxury and impeccable quality – it’s from Wills Bisgrove and it’s simply the very best.

With design excellence the promise and delivery of real comfort and a touch of genuine luxury; the Wills Bisgrove Collection offers a superb palette for your interior design selection.

This week we feature some of our popular occasional and dining chairs.In any well designed, well planned living area, there is often the need to place or situate the ‘occasional’ chair. It could be a bedroom chair, or perhaps for a study or hallway.

The Wills Bisgrove Collection offers a superb choice of simply beautiful handcrafted chairs admirably suited to purpose. Also on offer is a stunning selection of dining chairs to complement your selected dining table with a variety of fabrics leathers and materials to suit all tastes and applications available.

A classic chair made by craftsmen using traditional techniques and upholstered for comfort and style is a wonderful choice. It can become the focus within a room or accompany a sumptuous sofa. The chairs in the Classic Collection (pictured above) at Wills Bisgrove Furniture offer traditional design and real comfort. Constructed from eucalypt hardwood, F7 Victorian Ash which is hand-picked and kiln dried, the frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined, with sturdy corner blocks. Hand sprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge creates seats that are supremely comfortable and certainly built to last.

The Adelaide Chair

This classic English design has a claw style arm and is available with a tight fitted back, coil sprung or a loose back cushion. It is elegant with polished legs with brass castors or choose a more ladylike option with a pleated skirt (fully lined) or even a combination of both, if desired.

The Alexandra Chair

This occasional chair has a sprung fitted seat with quaint scroll arms, and a curved, filled back for sumptuous comfort. Once again you have a choice of polished legs or a skirted finish.

The Annabel Chair

his lovely bedroom chair is a compact size to fit the boudoir. Its armless design features a traditional deep diamond buttoned back. It has a coil sprung seat and tailored skirt.

The Auburn Chair

This wing chair is an optimal size with square, compact arms in a sleek, flowing design with twin piping on the arms. The chair is complemented by fine, elegant legs and brass castors. Sumptuous feather cushions and a uniquely designed coil sprung lumbar support back ensure comfort plus seating.

Simply select the design of your choice from our Wills Bisgrove Furniture Collection and the fabric of your choice from any fabric supplier to create a designer seat for your interior space.

Whether its modern contemporary style or traditional form and elegance – Wills Bisgrove Furniture is your destination. Your Designer or Decorator can browse through our extensive selection and be confident of finding the right setting, combination or piece to complete the wonderful vista planned for your home.

Continuing with chairs from the Wills Bisgrove Furniture Dining Chair Collection, today we review the Odeon, the Sebastian, the Stockton and the Venice. All beautifully upholstered and stylish dining chairs. (The Stockton is perhaps more of a barstool or tub stool).

The Odeon Chair

A low back sleek contemporary design with elegantly tapered legs, this delightful chair will suit any modern home or setting. Medical rooms, waiting rooms and board rooms are also Commercial possibilities. It is a very adaptable chair. With a generous seat size, hand sprung coil seating, sumptuous cushioning and a solid timber frame, this is a supremely comfortable chair.

The Sebastian Chair

Definitely a dining classic with scroll back, detailed provincial style legs and a generous height. Comfort is assured with padded back and coil spring seating with plush cushioning.

The Venice Chair

A unique curved back dining chair. Sleek, elegant lines curving down to low tapered arms, this chair is eye catching yet comforting. It can be used as a dining chair or an occasional chair. Polished tapered timber legs feature brass castors and its overall finish is completed with a precise piped border.

The Stockton Chair

This chair can be used as a barstool or Kitchen stool. With its arched back tub style, timber detailing and firm foam seat, it’s the barstool that won’t see you moving too far – it’s so comfortable. Strong durable frame – its built to last a lifetime. So cheers to the Stockton!

Please browse our full range of traditional and contemporary dining chairs here and remember your Designer can always make modifications to suit your needs For further details please call us on 03 9815 0111 or email your details to us at

Design, Luxury, Comfort 

Wills Bisgrove Furniture – It’s simply the very best.

Wills Bisgrove – Genuine Bespoke Design. Luxury Comfort and Absolute Quality

Bespoke design – it’s a concept thrown about quite liberally these days. However, true bespoke design – inspired, original design – completed and crafted by gifted Artisans is actually rare. It is this that makes quality upholstered furniture from Wills Bisgrove so sought after. It’s the touch of the Master Craftsman that sets Wills Bisgrove apart. First class quality, luxury, comfort and design every time. 

This is the chance to select the very best in comfort, quality and bespoke design. The Wills Bisgrove Collection of classic and contemporary upholstered furniture is both individual and unique. However, in some instances, your Interior Designer will create an original design in upholstered furniture specifically for your project. 

For Designers and Interior Decorators, the only difficulty is finding the right Craftsmen and Craftswomen to faithfully interpret their original designs and create the vision of their imagination, true dimensions, the fabric, the colour – the look, the feel. The Wills Bisgrove team are renowned for such works, creating beautiful, long lasting and unique furniture, whilst ensuring a true interpretation of the original design without deviation or change wherever possible.

Whether it’s Booth Seating, Sofas, Lounge Suites, Bedheads or an unusual Ottoman, when it comes to true bespoke furniture, Wills Bisgrove Bespoke Furniture is simply beyond reproach.The Wills Bisgrove team consistently create beautifully crafted, individually designed pieces, time after time with total finesse. Luxury, comfort and exquisite design – it’s truly the hallmark of the Wills Bisgrove team, its Craftsmen/Craftswomen and Artisans. It’s been that way now for over 80 years with the Wills Bisgrove team adopting new trends and design directions,yet maintaining an absolute premium in quality and finish.

With skill and expertise our artisans bring the design to life, creating unique pieces that breathe life into the overall project vision.

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team are experienced and skilled in producing unique, individual furniture to the design specifications supplied by Interior Designer, Decorators and Architects. As well, where required, the Wills Bisgrove team can modify current furniture pieces featured in the Wills Bisgrove Collection to meet the space and/or the concepts of the Interior Designer or Decorator, as provided.

Designers often create modular furniture with nominated space requirements. Wills Bisgrove will produce the furniture units to fit the spaces exactly and correctly, as desired. This includes one-off modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating, traditional sofas and chairs. In short Wills Bisgrove will provide a superb rendition of the plans and designs developed by the Designers, Decorators and Architects on each occasion.

Keep in mind that most Wills Bisgrove designed sofas can be easily modified to include sofa bed mechanisms. Each mechanism has fully sprung mattresses and is reliably tested for comfort and functionality. Sofa beds provide a wonderful and simple option for guest rooms or those ‘spare’ spaces.

Please call Manager,John Sharkey, on 03 9815 0111 now and book a time to discuss your requirements or email us at with your details and you will receive a prompt reply..

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team will bring your design visions to life, with beauty and true individuality.

Design. Luxury. Comfort.

Wills Bisgrove – simply the best!

Now is the Time to Refurbish Your Commercial Premises With Stylish New Furniture from Wills Bisgrove

With many businesses and professional practices now re-opening for business after the pandemic it really is a great time to refresh and renew your furnishings with Wills Bisgrove. Elegant design – modern contemporary or classic and traditional – first impressions count. Sumptuous upholstery, supreme comfort, impeccable quality – it’s from Wills Bisgrove and it’s simply superb.

This year for nearly everyone tax time is likely to be very different. The pandemic provided a quite different business activity for most. However there are still very generous tax write offs available for capital items (furniture is included). It’s a really great opportunity to refresh and renew with high quality furniture from the Wills Bisgrove Collection for your specialist commercial rooms. 

First impressions are everything. Whether you run a busy medical practice, a legal practice, a wellness centre or simply offer a lounge area in your building foyer, selecting the right furniture for your customers, clients, patients or visitors is vitally important. Comfort, design and a feeling of luxury, it feels right, looks fabulous and creates a relaxed environment – with Wills Bisgrove Furniture from our fabulous Wills Bisgrove Collection.

At Wills Bisgrove we offer a range of both classic and contemporary lounge suites – sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs as well as ottomans to suit. With hand crafted and hand-built fine furniture, make a statement to clients or visitors – simply superb.

For Designers, Wills Bisgrove offers a new level of comfort and luxury. Add to this the real craftsmanship provided by skilled Artisans and the upholstered furniture produced is timeless yet durable and reliable.

Architects and Designers can confidently select from our Commercial Furniture range knowing the same finesse, workmanship and excellence is standard with every individual upholstered Wills Bisgrove Furniture item – as well as a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and quality.

As always there is the opportunity for Designers to request custom designs and modifications as may be required with commercial specifications. Wills Bisgrove Furniture upholsterers and craftsmen will interpret the design modifications faithfully with dexterity and skill, ensuring the end result is as desired.

Here are some examples of items suitable for commercial application selected from our catalogue.

The Barrington Sofa

The Barrington is comfortable sofa that looks impressive in executive offices or specialist medical rooms. It speaks of quality, featuring higher club arms and a fully upholstered coil-sprung back for solid, comfortable support. The hardwood frame with coil springs ensures a solid yet attractive unit. A three-seater measuring 2300mm in width as well as a two-seater measuring 2000mm are both available and quite suitable for commercial purposes. Matching armchairs and ottomans are also available.

The Houston Sofa

The Houston is an elegant sofa yet it lends itself to utilitarian purposes in business settings, medical rooms or executive offices. it features a coil sprung fitted back with split piped division and large feather wrapped cushions. The cushion materials can be adjusted to suit the expected usage.

A large, solid, sleek profile with polished feet in detail and patina polished finish. The sofa is available as a three-seater, two and a half or two-seater as well as in an armchair.

The Chicago Chair

When considering occasional chairs for the office or professional rooms take a look at the Chicago chair. A sleek, armless chair, it features twin needle stitched detail creating a tufted effect on the seat and inside back. Nicely finished with fine piping detail to the edges, it’s highly polished timber base and legs complement its overall look and feel.

For further information on upholstered furniture produced by Wills Bisgrove suitable for Commercial application please call on 9815 0111 or email: for a prompt reply.

Design, Luxury, Comfort.

Wills Bisgrove – simply the best!