Wills Bisgrove – Genuine Bespoke Design. Luxury Comfort and Absolute Quality

Bespoke design – it’s a concept thrown about quite liberally these days. However, true bespoke design – inspired, original design – completed and crafted by gifted Artisans is actually rare. It is this that makes quality upholstered furniture from Wills Bisgrove so sought after. It’s the touch of the Master Craftsman that sets Wills Bisgrove apart. First class quality, luxury, comfort and design every time. 

This is the chance to select the very best in comfort, quality and bespoke design. The Wills Bisgrove Collection of classic and contemporary upholstered furniture is both individual and unique. However, in some instances, your Interior Designer will create an original design in upholstered furniture specifically for your project. 

For Designers and Interior Decorators, the only difficulty is finding the right Craftsmen and Craftswomen to faithfully interpret their original designs and create the vision of their imagination, true dimensions, the fabric, the colour – the look, the feel. The Wills Bisgrove team are renowned for such works, creating beautiful, long lasting and unique furniture, whilst ensuring a true interpretation of the original design without deviation or change wherever possible.

Whether it’s Booth Seating, Sofas, Lounge Suites, Bedheads or an unusual Ottoman, when it comes to true bespoke furniture, Wills Bisgrove Bespoke Furniture is simply beyond reproach.The Wills Bisgrove team consistently create beautifully crafted, individually designed pieces, time after time with total finesse. Luxury, comfort and exquisite design – it’s truly the hallmark of the Wills Bisgrove team, its Craftsmen/Craftswomen and Artisans. It’s been that way now for over 80 years with the Wills Bisgrove team adopting new trends and design directions,yet maintaining an absolute premium in quality and finish.

With skill and expertise our artisans bring the design to life, creating unique pieces that breathe life into the overall project vision.

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team are experienced and skilled in producing unique, individual furniture to the design specifications supplied by Interior Designer, Decorators and Architects. As well, where required, the Wills Bisgrove team can modify current furniture pieces featured in the Wills Bisgrove Collection to meet the space and/or the concepts of the Interior Designer or Decorator, as provided.

Designers often create modular furniture with nominated space requirements. Wills Bisgrove will produce the furniture units to fit the spaces exactly and correctly, as desired. This includes one-off modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating, traditional sofas and chairs. In short Wills Bisgrove will provide a superb rendition of the plans and designs developed by the Designers, Decorators and Architects on each occasion.

Keep in mind that most Wills Bisgrove designed sofas can be easily modified to include sofa bed mechanisms. Each mechanism has fully sprung mattresses and is reliably tested for comfort and functionality. Sofa beds provide a wonderful and simple option for guest rooms or those ‘spare’ spaces.

Please call Manager,John Sharkey, on 03 9815 0111 now and book a time to discuss your requirements or email us at willsfurniture@bigpond.com with your details and you will receive a prompt reply..

The Wills Bisgrove Furniture team will bring your design visions to life, with beauty and true individuality.

Design. Luxury. Comfort.

Wills Bisgrove – simply the best!

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