How to increase the value of your property – Interior decoration – Natalie Sharkey

Natalie-SharkeyNatalie Sharkey took over the family Newham Interiors business in 1987, the third generation in her family to fill the role. She completed her Interior Design qualifications at RMIT and with her broad skillset and creative flair has been adding a personal touch to the business ever since. Here are Natalie’s tips on making your home look good to a valuer.

1. Refresh with paint

Painting the interior can lift the mood of your house and it’s inexpensive if you’re willing to do the work. If your budget allows, tackle walls yourself and get professionals in to do the ceilings, as these can be hard going on the neck.

You might be able to get away with giving skirting boards, doors and window and door frames a good clean with sugar soap or a natural alternative such as washing soda.

2. Revamp the entrance
First impressions count, particularly if you’re about to put your house on the market. By painting the front door in a strong colour, such as red or blue, updating doorway furniture and the entrance mat, you’re sending a message that your home is up-to-date and well maintained before anyone even crosses the threshold. Give the area around the entrance the once-over by cleaning the path, removing cobwebs and trimming plants. Check the letterbox isn’t shabby and fix any loose pavers or fence palings.

3. Update flooring

Getting carpets cleaned can make a huge amount of difference to the look (and smell) of a home, so calling in the professionals is well worth considering. However, no amount of cleaning is going to lift a floor covering beyond its use-by date, so it may be time to replace what you’ve got.

If floorboards are showing a little too much wear and tear, have them re-sanded, which opens up myriad options as you could have them lime washed, stained, painted or simply resealed.

4. Quick kitchen fixes

New cupboard doors and handles update a kitchen in a budget-friendly way. “For a pre-made cupboard door off the shelf, the cheapest option is a laminated door for around $15,” says Amanda Falconer, author of The Renovator‘s Survival Guide (Penguin).

“The typical cupboard door is about 600 by 720 millimetres and you should be able to get a two pack polyurethane finish for around $50 a door.”

Another option is to replace the bench top, but consider what will work with your floor, says Judy Dymond, a colour consultant for The Laminex Group. “As your floor is probably the largest area of singular finish, ensure you take the colour and pattern into consideration.”

5. Makeover the bathroom

“You can get a quick lift by replacing the toilet, sink and tapware,” says Amanda Falconer. “A new toilet gives the impression of cleanliness and a new sink and taps can also help turn an ordinary or tired bathroom into something more modern. There are sinks of almost any shape and colour available, but more organic shapes are the current trend.”

If you want to go purely down the DIY route, think about painting the existing tiles. White Knight makes high-gloss tile paint as well as a nifty little Grout Pen, for painting over discoloured grout. Plasti-kote produces spray-on tile paint that provides two square metres of coverage per can in either white, cream or black.

6. Change the light switches

Often, it’s the details that count and standard white light switches tend to look yellow over time. Getting an electrician to replace them isn’t a costly exercise and you can often pick up everything you need at a big hardware store, so the major cost will be labour.

7. Rethink window treatments

Sometimes, you don’t realise how grubby a window is until it’s obvious. In the meantime, the dirt is building up and affecting the quality of light. Get the glass sparkling, check latches are working correctly and contact a glazier if any panes are cracked or need replacing. “Putting up a new blind or curtain can be a great start to adding or changing the style of a room,” says Shaynna Blaze, interior designer on The Lifestyle Channel’s ‘Selling Houses Australia.’

8. Replace splashback

Sometimes making one major change in the kitchen is enough to lift the whole room, so if you don’t want to mess with the cabinetry, cast an objective eye over the splashback as it’s a way to inject some personality into the room without going over the top.

9. Fit new taps

If the bathroom and kitchen are basically in good shape but just in need of a little updating, look at the taps. By fitting new, good-looking, matching taps, or taps that link aesthetically, you’re bringing a sense of cohesion to the house. Good taps also suggest good plumbing.

10. Groom the garden

Winter is the perfect time to pull on the garden gloves and get stuck into the back yard. After a general tidy up, look at any gaps in planting that need to be dealt with. If you’re putting the house up for sale, gather reasonably established potted plants to fill up these holes as you can take them with you when you go. Get hold of a high-pressure hose and give paths and paintwork the once-over.


11. Furniture

Does your current furniture really do justice to your home? Does it need to be professionally cleaned and prepped? It should fill the room and be proportional to the room size. Are your home’s rooms furnished serviceably to suit the market you’re aiming for? (e.g. Family, empty nester, investor…) Does it allow enough space? Does it give purpose? Think about it carefully. it may well be advisable to visit a furniture hire business, put your current furniture in storage and utilise some contemporary or traditional furniture to achieve the effect more appealing to your targeted market.

First impressions are everything.

Learn more about landscaping and first impression recommendations to increase your property value.

Source: (Via Andrew Mirams’s Featured Channel)

Andrew Mirams | Managing Director | Intuitive Finance

Wills Furniture for Contemporary and Traditional Design

Decor + Design Mel/17 is getting closer. Finalists for Vivid, Australia’s longest running Design Competition profiling Australia’s up and coming young (and not so young) Interior Designers have been announced on May 26th. You can view their profiles and a sample of their works here on the show’s website. This is very contemporary design.

At Wills we offer both Contemporary and Traditional style furniture. This week we will feature some exciting and interesting lounge, sofa and armchair furniture. Each piece is an exclusive Wills Furniture selection from our extensive collection. You can browse our full selection here.

The Bradford Sofa


A classic design it also fits well into a contemporary space, melding elegantly with traditional design or the more contemporary feel of modern buildings. Pictured here, the lounge is upholstered in Maasanne Rose Indian Stripe Fabric by Colefax and Fowler with a solid, durable Victorian Ash frame and featuring polished legs with brass castors. With a coil sprung seat and feather/fibre down cushions, your comfort is assured.

The Houston


Again a contemporary design with stylish elegant lines suitable for a range of applications – living room, sitting room, waiting rooms or open space modern living. A coil sprung seat and feather wrapped foam cushions makes for luxurious comfort. The durable Victorian Ash hardwood frame provides strength and longevity. Its simple built with real quality. Featuring polished feet with a stacked timber detail, this delightful sofa is available in your size specifications and fabric selections.

The Auburn


A classic winged chair, the Auburn is one of the most popular armchairs in our Collection. With a traditional hardwood frame, a coil sprung seat, chrome castors and luxuriant feather down seat cushion this is beautiful chair that reflects the character of your home with each different fabric selection. Pictured here, the fabric is by Morris and Company. The fabric design is named The Brook and the final rendition is finished with contrasted piping in Sanderson Briaza Velvet.

The Laguno


Perhaps you’re looking for something contemporary finished in leather. Here we feature the Laguno Sofa as displayed in the Warwick Fabrics showroom in Collingwood. The upholstery is finished in Thomas Maxwell Langham Leather in colour chestnut (available from Warwick Fabrics). This sofa at 2300mm in length features a polished Victorian Ash base with sumptuous feather wrapped foam cushion seat inserts. Complementing the sofa is the Laguno Ottoman (1000mm x 700mm), upholstered in the Warwick Fabricks selection ‘Bainbridge’, colour grey. Matching armchairs are available and can be viewed in our Collection.

Call now to enquire, order or discuss any of the splendid pieces on display here on 03 9815 0111

Or arrange an appointment to meet with Wills Furniture’s John Sharkey to discuss your design requirements and assist you in making your selections.

Wills Furniture – Design, Comfort, Luxury. Your choice of fabrics, leather or textiles. Modifications to suit your requirements. For quality craftsmanship of the highest order always call Wills Furniture – the very best in upholstery and design.

Contemporary Design Dining Chairs from Wills Furniture

Reminder – Saturday, June 10th is the day the Denfair 2017 Design Exhibition is open to the public. Featuring the latest in Contemporary Design – don’t miss out. Tickets can be purchased online at the Denfair website here.

The Exhibition will be open from 10am until 5pm.


Dining setting featuring custom dining chairs made by Wills Furniture for Adelaide Bragg & Associates.

Whether its modern contemporary style or traditional form and elegance – Wills Furniture is your destination. Your Designer or Decorator can browse through our extensive selection and be confident of finding the right setting, combination or piece to complete the wonderful vista planned for your home.

Continuing the series on the Wills Dining Chair Collection, today we review the Odeon, the Sebastian, the Stockton and the Venice. All beautifully upholstered and stylish dining chairs. (The Stockton is perhaps more of a barstool or tub stool)

The Odeon


A low back sleek contemporary design with elegantly tapered legs, this delightful chair will suit any modern home or setting. Medical rooms, waiting rooms and board rooms are also Commercial possibilities. It is a very adaptable chair. With a generous seat size, hand sprung coil seating, sumptuous cushioning and a solid timber frame, this is a supremely comfortable chair.

The Sebastian


Definitely a dining classic with scroll back, detailed provincial style legs and a generous height. Comfort is assured with padded back and coil spring seating with plush cushioning.

The Venice


A unique curved back dining chair. Sleek, elegant lines curving down to low tapered arms, this chair is eye catching yet comforting. It can be used as a dining chair or an occasional chair. Polished tapered timber legs feature brass castors and its overall finish is completed with a precise piped border.

And lastly the Stockton


This chair can be used as a barstool or Kitchen stool. With its arched back tub style, timber detailing and firm foam seat, it’s the barstool that won’t see you moving too far – it’s so comfortable. Strong durable frame – its built to last a lifetime. So cheers to the Stockton!

Please browse our full range of contemporary and traditional Dining Chairs here and remember your Designer can always make modifications to suit your needs.

With Wills remember – Design, Luxury, Comfort – every time.

Luxury and Comfort in Contemporary Design

With the Denfair Show next week commencing on the 8th of June and completed on June 10th, it’s probably now opportune to view some of the stunning range of contemporary upholstered chairs featured in our Wills Collection.


Denfair announces its show with the statement ‘Australia’s leading destination for contemporary Design and Art’ and this year as previously announced Wills Furniture will be supporting and partnering with Boyac Fabrics assisting them in presenting their exciting range of textiles.

This week we will review 3 of our favourite chairs in contemporary style.

The Madrid


This is a chair with a compact design admirably suited to contemporary application in today’s spacious open homes and apartments.

With comfort in mind, the Madrid features padded arms, a tight fitted back and a fully sprung fitted seat. We offer the option of feather combination cushioning with this seat, and with a fully upholstered seat finish, there is the perfect balance for the polished timber base.

The Kerferd


Always a popular choice, the Kerferd is an occasional armchair with sleek top-stitched arms, a sprung, tight fitted back and sumptuous feather combination seat cushion. This is again complimented with fine polished timber legs. With finer proportions, the Kerferd lends itself to applications where minimal space effects the design options.

The Florida


A unique armless style chair, the Florida features a wing back, firm springing in the base and back and plump, comfortable feather cushioning to sink into. Handsomely finished with a polished timber base and legs, its hardwood frame provides strength and durability.

All Wills Furniture is handmade and created by genuine craftsmen and artisans in our own factory located at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn. Feel free to visit our showroom and let manager John Sharkey assist you in your selections. Call 03 9815 0111 to make an appointment. Designers and Decorators are welcome to select their preferred chairs, sofas, ottomans and bedheads from our extensive collection and choose the fabric or leather to suit their overall design concepts.

Wills Furniture are renowned for collaborating with Designers and Decorators on their final designs, modifying standard pieces to meet the requirements and needs of particular projects.

At Wills Furniture we offer flexibility and finesse – in the end the result is always there – Design, Luxury and Comfort – without compromise.

Dining Elegance with Wills Furniture

It’s that time of year again when we retreat indoors and dinner parties are focussed around the Dining table. So lets be seated comfortably. Wills Furniture offers a range of quality, beautifully designed dining chairs from which you may choose your favourites. Comfortable, stylish and made to last a lifetime, Wills Dining Chairs are simply the right choice.



Let’s start with the Hotham. One of our more popular selections, the Hotham is a standard humpback styled chair, utilitarian yet simple and attractive. With tapered legs, choose between Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak, both of which can be highly polished or painted as desired. Enjoy the superb comfort of the hand tied coil sprung seat whilst relaxing over a good vintage with friends. See details



A standard scroll-back style dining chair, it’s simple yet attractive. Again the choice is tapered legs in either Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. Your Interior Designer can select to polish the legs or have them painted to specification. See details



For those who prefer it this chair features an extra high back. A sleek contemporary design this chair offers provincial style legs in polished timber – again a choice of Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash or specified painted finish. See details

Hotham Carver


A variation of the Hotham, the Carver differs with highly polished timber arms and is slightly wider and higher to make the chair a feature of each end of the dining table. It’s eminently suitable to combine with the Hotham in creating a unique dining table ensemble. See details


With all dining chairs there is the option of selecting piping or studded finishes, with your choice of fabric or leather for the upholstery you desire. Wills Furniture has a range of traditional and contemporary dining chairs available for your selection. We will review more in the next few weeks.

In the meantime please feel free to browse through our Collection here. And remember for Design, Luxury and Comfort – it’s always Wills Furniture – your first choice.

DÉCOR + DESIGN MEL/17 – A show not to be missed

Decor and Design Melbourne 17 should be a rather exciting and interesting show. As mentioned last week, the show is the venue for the finals of ‘Vivid’, Australia’s longest running Design Competition for up and coming Interior Designers. On the 26th of May this years finalists will be announced. And on the 20th of July, the first day of the show, the Awards Ceremony will take place and the winners will be announced. Exciting stuff.

DandD melb17

With Melbourne being famous for its laneways and the fostering of artisans, creatives and designers, as well as superb crafted materials to be found in the back lanes and alleys of Melbourne’s CBD, the show this year pays homage to this vibrant city by renaming its ‘Bazaar’ to ‘Design Laneway’. There the smaller studios, textile designers and surface artists have a chance to display their creations and talents to both the Design Industry, Retailers and Manufacturers.

Wall St offers similar opportunities to textile designers and surface artists wishing to showcase large format visuals to the furnishing industry and its ancillary trades.

The Trends Champagne Lounge provides a visual showcasing of the latest trends and colours. It is centrally located and provides a relaxing setting for Designers to meet with retailers, manufacturers and their peers, whilst enjoying a glass of wine.


This also applies to the Trend Hub which is a more interactive design led activity, providing current and future design trend information to participants, interior Designers and their visitors (But no wine).

An International Seminar series, sponsored by House and Garden will feature an all star lineup of International and Australian design experts. The theme for the seminar series in 2017 will be ‘Awakening: Conscious Design’. In addition the Decor and Design team will host three interactive workshop sessions.

The full programme can be downloaded here

For further insight visit the show’s website and view their blog .

Wills Furniture encourages new and emerging designers. From a design perspective classic furniture and contemporary classic furniture will always lift any design plan in our view. A Wills Furniture Collection piece or suite becomes a signature one off delight – unique and not mass produced. Interior Designers have the liberty of modifying a Wills Furniture piece to suit their unique designs. View our full collection here.

We look forward to this show and encourage our clients to attend – Inspiration and Excitement.

Always choose Wills Furniture for Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Furniture supports upcoming Interior Design Shows and Expos

The Wills Furniture team will be attending two very popular Expos and Shows in the next two months. Here’s a little information on both shows.


The first show is the exciting Denfair – Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design and art.

The Wills Furniture team will be partnering with Boyac fabrics to assist them in displaying their exciting range of textiles. Specifically this will be utilising selected Wills Furniture pieces to exhibit a range of selected fabrics.


You can visit Boyac Fabrics at Boyac is home to many of the world’s most revered and sought after fabric houses. Click through and browse the fantastic range of both traditional and contemporary fabrics on offer as well as a full range of leading edge interior design accessories.

Denfair will be held from the 8th until the 10th of June 2017. To quote from the Denfair website:

“This will be the third annual edition of Denfair and it will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Clarendon St, South Bank, opposite the Crown Casino and South Bank Complex.”

As mentioned it is a 3 day exhibition from Thursday 8th of June ’til Saturday 10th of June. Day one and two are for industry professionals and their clients whilst day 3, Saturday 10th of June is open to the public.

A carefully curated, high quality experience for exhibitors and visitors alike

DENFAIR is a boutique trade event and the leading destination for contemporary design in Australia. Held over three days in Melbourne, DENFAIR delivers the very best brands to their customers within a stimulating environment of discovery and inspiration.

Founded on principles of authenticity and decades of experience in fair organisation, DENFAIR is motivated by the needs and desires of an ever-growing design community and the relationship potential that exists within.

With a strong focus on Australian emerging and established brands, DENFAIR brings together the brightest talent from local and international brands to a concentrated audience of architects, interior designers, stylists, specifiers and retailers.

DENFAIR’s forward-thinking, content driven shows guarantee quality and consistency across all areas, making it the ultimate design experience for the interior and design industry to connect and do business.

Find out more about Denfair here.



The second major industry event occurs in July from the 20th to 23rd 2017 at the same venue and is known as ‘Decor and Design Mel17’. The show is specifically targeted towards Interior Designers, Decorators, Retailers, Manufacturers and Architects and looks at current trends with an eye to future trends for 2018 and beyond.

This is a trade only show.

The show hosts Australia’s longest running design competition VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Design) and puts the spotlight on dynamic emerging young Australian Designers.

Stay tuned for more information as this show draws nearer.

Wills Furniture is the quality choice for Interior Designers and decorators – Timeless and elegant, it stands the test of time, delivering Design, Luxury and Comfort. For the absolute best – choose Wills Furniture.

Home Inspirations – Nicky Kervliet

Wills Furniture provide an extensive collection of traditional and contemporary furniture for Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects and Developers.


Custom upholstered sofa

Nicky Kervliet is an exciting and successful designer. Her popularity ensures her services are sought after and you may have to wait to avail yourself of her talent!


Reupholstered Dining Chairs

Professionally qualified as an interior Designer from RMIT in 2001, Nicky established her business with a vision to bring harmony and balance to her client projects. Her focus is on residential interiors. By applying sound design principles and gaining a fulsome understanding of how her clients choose to live and utilise their living space, Nicky has ensured that ‘Home Inspirations’ (her trading name) has enjoyed great success and continues to please and surprise her clients with her vision, understanding and unique style. She does this through carefully considering form and function and working closely with all relevant professionals and artisans involved in her projects and the relevant scope of works for each.

Light is uplifting creating a feeling of space and freedom. Wherever possible Nicky aims to utilise, capture and admit as much light as possible into the home and living spaces.


Queen Anne style custom upholstered bedhead

She ensures that she works to scale and sets colours that advantage both light and scale. For Nicky, utilising colour well enables skilful use of textures.

Nicky is passionate about beautifully upholstered furniture. In this area she always enlists the help, guidance, experience and expertise of Wills and Co Furniture. Whether it is selecting a Wills Design from our extensive collection, to custom designing a significant piece of furniture, or to professionally and faithfully reupholstering genuine and authentic furniture heirlooms or favourite pieces, in Nicky’s opinion Wills and Sons  produce beautiful results of the highest quality with impeccable workmanship.

Nicky believes ‘Your home should reflect you and in essence, this makes it warm and welcoming, a true sanctuary for you to come home to’

Wills and Co Furniture wish Nicky all the best and should you wish to contact Nicky please email her at

Wills Furniture – Design, Comfort, Luxury


Relax in Real Comfort with Wills Furniture

Looking for comfort, real luxury and a genuine original design? You want furniture that you can sink into and relax, yet stand back and admire? Furniture built traditionally using materials of the highest quality? Wills Furniture is elegant, stylish and built to last a lifetime. Ask your designer to choose the fabrics or leather for your home – find the right combination that really lifts your living areas yet allows you to just take a seat and relax.

This week we look at chairs – both classic and contemporary. Our collection offers a wide range of comfortable, stylish and attractive chairs for your selection.

Here we have some of our more popular selections.

The Adelaide Chair


The Adelaide Sofa and Chair combination is an ever popular selection. The design is classical. It is a traditional English design and it features hand polished, turned legs in Beech timber and solid brass castors.

Featuring a claw style arm, the Adelaide is available with either a tight fitted back, coil sprung or a loose back cushion. It can be selected with a pleated skirt giving a more feminine look and feel, or if desired a combination of both.

The Auburn Chair


The Auburn Chair is a winged chair of optimal size featuring squared, compact arms complimenting its sleek, flowing design. The arms carry twin piping. The chair is complimented by its fine elegant legs with brass castors. Sink into the sumptuous feather cushions and enjoy its uniquely designed coil sprung lumbar support back – genuine comfort, real luxury.

The Kooyong Chair


The Kooyong Chair is a high backed Winged Chair with an adjustable sprung lumbar support. And it is simply beautiful with elegant curved lines and soft profile. An absolute delight. Wonderfully comfortable, it features a unique scroll styled arm with a top facing, broad rounded front. With a traditional webbed seat, its completed with sumptuous cushions, cabriole legs that are hand shaped and highly polished Victorian Mountain Ash timber. A beautiful, elegant chair.

Please visit our website and view the full Wills Collection online. Or if you are a designer, architect, decorator or developer please call for a free bound copy on 9815 0111.

Depend on Wills Furniture for Design, Luxury and Comfort

Fine Furniture of True Distinction

Wills Furniture offers an exclusive range of elegant, traditional furniture to Designers and Interior Decorators, Architects and businesses. It is a trade only proposition. The Wills Collection features Classic Sofas, Contemporary Sofas, Classic Chairs, Contemporary Chairs, French Provincial Furniture, Dining Chairs, Tub Chairs, Ottomans & Stools and a selection of finely upholstered Bedheads.

The Wills Collection can be viewed online here or if you would like a copy of our catalogue, please call 03 9815 0111.

Each week we try to bring you something new and interesting. This week we feature a range of classic and contemporary sofas.

Classic Sofas

The Suffolk


With a classic club arm design, the Suffolk sofa features a T-shaped front cushion. It is traditionally hand-sprung utilising Australian hardwood timber framing. For a full classic look the fully lined tailored valance should be selected.

The Wesley


This lounge features a scooped scroll arm with large studding hand detailing. It has polished tapered legs and bronze castors. With leather upholstery, the style of the Wesley sofa lends itself perfectly to the billiard room and be comfortably seated with cigar and cognac in hand.

The Whitehall


Featuring traditional diamond buttoning, the Whitehall lounge exudes comfort in a familiar Chesterfield style. Large scroll arms are splayed outwards and are completed with inset piping detail creating a handsome look. Finished in either tailored skirts or with exposed chunky style legs with castors (piano sized) this is the ultimate traditional lounge suite for formal living areas.

Contemporary Sofas

The Baltimore


With a squared design, the sofa has a very contemporary feel, clean symmetric lines and modern even lines. It’s very suitable for minimalist modern apartment design. The Baltimore sofa features polished Tasmanian Oak arms with a baked enamel mirror finish.

The Geneva


Considered a most comfortable sofa, with sumptuous feather cushions, the Geneva sofa features a higher back frame with cushioning extended for better neck and back support. With a thin profiled arm with higher arched sides and a scooped out front, it profiles as sophisticated with simple elegant lines. The Geneva is available as a three seater, two seater or two and a half seater.

Whatever your needs, task or desire, you will find the right piece for your individual needs or your client’s wishes in our extensive Wills Collection.

Wills Furniture – For Design, Luxury and Comfort.