Hand Built in Melbourne – Wills Furniture – Buy Australian Made

In the current economic circumstances, it’s a great idea to support our local manufacturing industries. The Wills Furniture Workshop and Studio is now back in production with orders up to and beyond Christmas for our valued clientele of Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects now well underway.

Selecting from our Wills Furniture Collection ensures that our team of tradespeople and artisans remain employed, that our suppliers continue in business, and the tradition of high quality luxury furniture making continues here in Melbourne. The Wills Furniture enterprise is unique in that it has now been operational and in business creating handcrafted upholstered furniture for over 80 years.

Over the last 100 years many of the traditional furniture makers in Australia have ceased production or moved offshore. Today, with cheaper imports flooding the market, only the best has survived. And without doubt Wills Furniture, now located in Hawthorn is a prime example of that. Wills offer the very best in handcrafted Traditional and Contemporary furniture – Design, Comfort and Luxury. When you sink back into an Armchair or Dining Chair from Wills you just know it – Wills Furniture is simply the best.

And there are very good reasons for such assessments.

All Wills Furniture uses solid hardwood framing drawn from quality Australian timbers. F7 Victorian Ash is hand picked and kiln dried. The frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined with sturdy corner blocks. With handsprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge, the seating created is supremely comfortable and is certainly built to last.

The Wills Collection offers a brilliant selection of both traditional and contemporary styles from which to choose. Experiment with fabric choice – leathers, woven materials, cottons, linen or wool. For a summer feel, look to fabric collections such as Warwick, Tigger Hall or Anna Spiro Design. Find inspiration, find guidance. Create your vision with vibrancy, colour and style.

The Wills Team are often called upon to craft beautiful new Bespoke pieces created by Designers and Decorators as well as Architects. Wills will work with the Designer to bring to life their unique vision, offering advice on how to ensure maximum comfort and beauty. Whether it’s fully modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating or traditional sofas and chairs, the Wills Team will ensure a perfect rendition of the Designer’s vision every time. Applying craftsmanship and traditional methods, quality finished pieces are produced that please and delight.

Modular furniture can be constructed to fit spaces exactly. With modern apartments this can be vitally important to achieving the look desired and utilising the space available effectively.

Don’t hesitate. Browse through our Wills Collection here and call us on 0398150111 to book an appointment or leave your contact details here. Choose Wills and experience the very best in traditional upholstered furniture.

Design, Luxury Comfort – You know it’s from Wills.

Bespoke Design from Wills Furniture

Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects often create unique bespoke furniture for their projects. It may be that the building itself deigns such a need or it can be simply taking advantage of a wonderful space with some unique furniture pieces It is imperative that the furniture produced is of a consistently high standard – quality, design, finish and craftsmanship. For this reason it is Wills Furniture that is most often the popular choice with Designers and Decorators for handcrafted, hand built exquisite bespoke furniture.

Wills Furniture has a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of interior designers and decorators. The Wills team can bring to life the visions and creations of such bespoke furniture with real professionalism, craftsmanship and finesse.

It’s often that a space or living area requires a unique approach. Whether it is significant modifications to a selected Wills Collection catalogue item or in fact is an entirely new design, the Wills team of artisans and upholsterers can create the perfect replication of the design supplied and required.

From Modular Furniture, Ottomans, Bench Seating, Traditional Sofas and Armchairs to Bedheads, the Wills team will add life to any design and breath vitality into what then becomes a living design. The end result is a high quality finished piece of furniture, produced utilising the traditional methods and craftsmanship of the Wills team.

Modular Furniture can be produced to accurately fit spaces specified. Architects, Designers and Decorators can request small variations in height, in depth, cushion fill and overall comfort and feel.

Most Wills Collection Sofas can be configured to incorporate sofa beds. All the mechanisms and components required are available and can be supplied upon request. The Wills Collection Sleeper Mechanism has a fully sprung mattress and is thoroughly performance tested. Dependability and real comfort are assured.

From our Wills Collection this week we offer a selection of the more classical sofas and chairs.

Take a look at the Whitehall Sofa. With traditional Diamond Buttoning this beautiful chesterfield styled sofa speaks of luxury and comfort. With large splayed out scrolled arms featuring inset piping detail, the overall finish is classic, simply stunning. The sofa is finished with chunky timber legs or piano sized casters – or a tailored skirt.

The Florence Sofa is another exquisite standard, a classical Victorian style sofa. It features a diamond buttoned upholstered back, large scrolled padded arms, polished legs and castors. It may well be a ‘standard’ but there is nothing ‘standard’ about this gorgeous sofa – it is an elegant piece of furniture that simply oozes class. It will complete any selected living space. And if you prefer it can be provided with a full fluted skirt. With luxurious feather down cushions it is sublimely comfortable, overall it is a memorable and stunningly beautiful decorative piece.

From the same period we have the classic winged chair. Two that are ever popular are the Columbia Chair and the Macquarie Chair.

The Columbia, a classic winged chair with scrolled arms splayed out, piping facing detail and a pleated rolled edge, features a high wing back with fully sprung lumbar support. Polished Tasmanian Oak legs and stretcher rails create an elegant finish. Sumptuously comfortable with feather combination cushioning and a matching foot stool as an option, this is truly a chair to sink into and relax.

And finally, the Macquarie Chair. This is another classic wing chair and was one of the original designs created by the Wills Family and has been a consistent, unchanged design for over forty five years. It has in fact become one of the most popular pieces in the Wills Furniture Collection. It is available with polished Tasmanian Hardwood Oak legs and stretcher rails or the option of full length, pleated, tailored skirts.

With Wills you can trust the fine craftsmanship – from real artisans creating timeless and beautiful furniture – furniture to simply relax, enjoy and be delighted by.

For a full review of our whole collection please click here and enjoy.

Call now on 9815 0111 and arrange a virtual consultation with our Sales and design team at your convenience – or leave your details here and one of our staff members will reply promptly to assist you with your enquiry.

Currently we are expecting to be able to re-open our Hawthorn Showroom during October as scheduled by the Victorian State Government. Please follow us on Facebook or visit our website for further updates.

Wills Furniture – Design, Luxury, Comfort.

It’s simply the best.

Contemporary Design, Modern Living with Wills Furniture.

One thing 2020 has demonstrated to us is the need for real comfort and relaxation in our homes and for many this has brought the furniture we live with squarely into focus. It’s time for change – it’s time for the Wills Collection.

When we decide to purchase new furniture for our living areas first we must consider the look and feel, the design, the comfort. Often the purchase is made with a lifetime of use in mind for the family home.

It’s the right time to call upon an expert to assist us in our decisions – an Interior Designer, Interior Decorator or in commercial situations an interior Architect – all can be of great assistance. It really depends upon your preference and focus as to which direction you take. But rest assured – in most cases industry professionals make their selection from the very best upholstered furniture available in Australia – the Wills Collection. Wills Furniture simply sets the standard – on quality, craftsmanship and design.

The Wills Collection has been generated over 80 years. It provides a range of furniture suitable for restored and re-developed period homes as well as items admirably suited for contemporary design and modern living.

The Monterey

The Monterey Sofa can be configured as a single sofa or a modular suite. With a solid hardwood frame, polished oak feet, Luxura memory foam cushions, the unit pictured above has been upholstered in Warwick Dolce Graphite Velvet providing the ultimate in comfort and style. We have also included a catalogue shot here for your viewing.

The Clivedon by Anna Spiro Design of Brisbane

The Clivedon Sofa is actually from our Classic Sofa Collection but here it is dressed in a very contemporary style. Anna Spiro Design of Brisbane have taken this classically designed sofa and had it upholstered in refreshing ‘carnival green’ from the Christopher Farr Cloth Fabrics Collection.

The Sofa is set in the sunroom of a house in the inner Brisbane suburb of Bardon. The fabric selected is an outdoor rated fabric specifically manufactured to protect against sun damage, as are the fabrics used on the ottoman and chairs.

The Clivedon is an Edwardian inspired design with clean lines, an upholstered square back and square fitted arms. Pictured here the sofa features polished legs with castors and seat cushions of leather wrapped foam.

The Saville

In contemporary settings consider also the sleek modern lines of the Saville Sofa. With fully sprung seat and back, luxurious feather/down wrap cushions and foam bolsters, this elegant design is finished with Victorian Ash polished legs.

No matter what your requirements are, the Wills Collection provides a perfect base for all upholstered furniture design placements. If required, the Wills team of craftsmen and upholsterers can create customisations to your Interior Designer or Decorator’s prescription and requirements.

Trust Wills to provide perfectly crafted, designed and finished upholstered furniture.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 and make a virtual appointment to discuss your requirements with our experienced team led by Mr John Sharkey, manager. Or visit our website at willsfurniture.com.au and browse to make your selection.

At Wills we focus on Design, Luxury and Comfort. Relax, it’s from Wills – manufacturers of Australia’s premium hand-made and crafted upholstered furniture – simply the best.

Step up to true elegance in Dining Settings. The Wills Collection – Comfort and Design. Real quality, simply luxurious.

In Victoria, lockdown has meant we have spent far more time at home than we normally would. Our living areas – Lounge, living rooms and dining areas have all enjoyed quite the workout! It’s a great time to update your decor and functional living areas. This week we focus on your dining suite.

With your living areas well appointed – Sofas, Armchairs and Occasional Chairs all carefully selected and dressed to compliment your chosen interior design theme, it’s time to turn your attention to the dining room. Your dining setting can continue with the flow utilising complimentary materials and leathers for your chosen Dining Chairs. The Wills Collection offers a range of both traditional and contemporary styles from which to choose from.

The Wills Collection features a range of superbly designed dining chairs – all supremely comfortable, stylish and of the highest quality. Hand built by our artisans and craftsmen, Wills Dining Chairs will last you a lifetime.

This week we review some of our more popular selections.

Hotham Dining Chair

Let’s start with the Hotham. One of our more popular selections, the Hotham is a standard humpback styled chair, utilitarian yet simple and attractive. With tapered legs, choose between Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak, both of which can be highly polished or painted as desired. Enjoy the superb comfort of the hand tied coil sprung seat whilst relaxing over a good vintage with friends. See details

Melba Dining Chair

A standard scroll-back style dining chair, it’s simple yet attractive. Again the choice is tapered legs in either Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. Your Interior Designer can select to polish the legs or have them painted to specification. See details

Cambridge Dining Chair

A dining chair should be at once practical, comfortable and stylish. When it comes to practical it’s hard to go past the Cambridge, a classic dining chair style with a humpback and stretcher rails, upholstered for comfort with a hand tied, coil sprung seat. Clients can choose Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak legs, which can be polished or painted to suit the style of the accompanying dining table and interior design of the dining room. See details

Hotham Carver Chair

A variation of the Hotham, the Carver differs with highly polished timber arms and is slightly wider and higher to make the chair a feature of each end of the dining table. It’s eminently suitable to combine with the Hotham in creating a unique dining table ensemble. See details

With all dining chairs there is the option of selecting piping or studded finishes, with your choice of fabric or leather for the upholstery you desire. As previously stated, Wills Furniture has a full range of traditional and contemporary dining chairs available for your selection. View them here

In the meantime please feel free to browse through our full Collection here. Call now on 03 9815 0111 and make an appointment for a virtual consultation. Leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will respond promptly to your enquiry. Stay tuned for news on our re-opening in October

For Design, Luxury and Comfort – it’s always Wills Furniture – your first choice.

Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best

Superb Handcrafted, Hand Built Furniture – The Wills Collection.

The Wills Collection – beautiful refined handcrafted furniture, created and finished by genuine artisans (tradesmen and women) – following the traditional art of furniture making. Simply exquisite in design, quality and comfort, Wills Furniture is Australia’s finest furniture.

At Wills, our production values are steeped in the traditions and methodologies handed down over many generations. With access to both the timeless artistry of the Wills Classic collection of Sofas and Armchairs, as well as an exciting selection of Contemporary lounge suites – sofas, armchairs and more, interior designers and decorators can depend upon the Wills Collection to deliver – every time. Add to this the exciting Wills Bedhead range. With a brilliant selection of fabrics, materials, leathers and accompaniments, the Wills Collection offers a unique selection of superb furniture.

This week we revisit a design created by our team. The Amelia Sofa is a classic design with a curved tub back made with Australian hardwood kiln dried frame, hand tied hourglass steel coil springs, feather down cushioning with assorted scatter cushions for the back.

The Amelia is available in 3 sizes – as a 2 seater, 2 1/2 or 3 seater and can be complemented by a matching armchair. Like any selection from our collection it can be upholstered in the fabric of your choice. Consult with your Interior Designer and select from our huge range of fabric, leather or textile combinations.

Wills Furniture is often required to work on restoring beautiful timeless furniture from our clients in both the reupholstering and re-covering of antique and modernist contemporary furniture. The rather traditional Bergere Chair pictured was fully restored by Wills. With a beautiful hand carved frame of American Cherrywood this is a most distinctive and elegant chair. It is beautifully finished with a distressed wax finish. Supremely comfortable it is luxuriant with a sumptuous combination feather and down seat cushion.

Our Craftsmen at Wills Furniture design and create impressive furniture for the most discerning Interior Designers and Decorators. Take the time to review our Collection. The Wills Factory and Showrooms are currently temporarily closed due to the current lockdown restrictions and will tentatively re-open in early October.

Call now on 03 9815 0111 to make an appointment for a virtual consultation at a suitable time to suit you. Or leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will get back to you to assist with your enquiry. Wills Furniture provides a simply brilliant palette for Interior Designers and Decorators.

Wills Furniture – Design, Luxury, Comfort – It’s simply the best.

Apartment Living with the Wills Contemporary Sofa Collection – Luxury, Comfort and Design.

With the current restrictions in place, one area demonstrating a dramatic slowdown is the sale of inner-city apartments. Where some see an issue, others may well see an opportunity. For those downsizing, there will likely be some superb bargains on the horizon in the not too distant future.

Apartment living is vastly different to living on a suburban allotment. The design of apartments generally lends itself to space, light and panoramic views. The style of furniture for this type of living is noticeably different to the more traditional classic furniture you may select whilst living in an older suburban home – a Californian Bungalow or a Federation style dwelling, for instance.

Modern Apartments can be as much as 60 squares now as a standard size. To take full advantage of such a living space, the interior design must acknowledge the full area available and the desired access to panoramic views.

The Wills Collection offers an exciting and visually stunning range of contemporary furniture. It’s easy to create a unique, comfortable lounge suite, either a traditional layout with sofas and armchairs or fully modular in a more contemporary modern style.

All Wills Furniture is manufactured here in Melbourne at our Hawthorn Factory; Crafted and hand built using time honoured and traditional processes, your comfort is assured as is the absolutely premium quality of each item produced.

High grade, kiln-dried hardwood is used for framing; seating is all hand tied with coil springs giving genuine luxury and support.

Here we feature three of our more popular Sofas often selected for Apartment living.

The Avalon

A contemporary design with a sleek look, this sofa has a balanced combination with the symmetry of straight lines and curved detail adding to the minimalist design. A long, singular cushion complementing the back cushions in a flowing straight line finish, together with the slightly splayed padded arms and side bolster cushions make this the perfect sofa to recline and relax on. Polished timber plinth and feet set off the clean, elegant design features.

The Cayman

Long, sleek designed sofa with low profile fitted back, lumbar support cushions, classic square club arms. The cushions are luxuriant with a very full and thick, high grade memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. The sleek, high profile plinth and leg assembly, together with the low profile back, gives a nod to classic 1970’s design. The plinth and legs can be polished or painted in any finish to highlight the slim-line, smooth appearance of this sofa.

The Houston

The scooped club arm is perfectly shaped giving this sofa an elegant look. The coiled sprung and padded fitted back with split piped division assures supreme comfort together with fully sprung seating and luxurious large, feather wrapped cushions. The elegant lines of the overall design are highlighted by the large, solid, sleek profile polished feet with bevelled detail and patina polished finish. Available in three seater, two seater and two and a half seater, as well as an armchair.

Please feel free to call us on 03 98150111 during Business hours to discuss your requirements or leave your details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry

[Currently our showrooms are temporarily closed due to the current Victorian Government Lockdown restrictions. However we are still taking orders and will resume normal trading hopefully in early October as planned.]

Wills Furniture – Simply the best

Select from the Wills Collection, Create Bespoke Furniture or Restore your Antique or Classic Furniture

Having engaged an architect or interior designer and having created a wonderful home it’s time to confer with your interior designer on the selection of the new furniture and layout. For the very best in Classic or Contemporary look no further than the fabulous Wills Collection from Wills Furniture.

Established for well over 80 years, Wills Furniture offers the very best in handmade hand built furniture, where attention to detail is impeccable. Utilising the methodologies of furniture making that have now been handed down over many generations, the Wills team still utilises the tried and true traditional skills of frame making and upholstery that have been practiced by the trade for centuries. Selecting the finest leathers and fabrics, the highest grade timber, stainless steel hand tied springs and feather down or first grade memory foam – Wills Furniture is superb, luxurious, comfortable and built to last.

For some it’s about maintaining beautiful heirloom furniture and period classics handed down through generations of their family. Antique furniture or modernist classics from the late 1940s through to the 1970s – you can trust the Wills Team of Artisans and tradespeople to restore your piece faithfully to its original state. No shortcuts, no cover-ups. A genuine restoration that will see your precious lounge, sofa or occasional chair looking simply splendid, ready for another 100 years.

As a client you can be assured of genuine comfort and the feel of luxury and real quality whether you select from our extensive and exciting Wills Collection or you’re enjoying a Wills Bespoke creation or you’re caring for a fully restored classic. Sit back and relax – it’s from Wills.

The Wills Collection offers a wide array of choices, both classic and contemporary. It’s not unusual when preparing a refreshed or renewed interior design that the designer requires flexibility in modifying a current item of furniture from our Wills Catalogue to suit the space it is intended for, be it size, height or features such as arms, piping, legs or castors. With the Wills team Designers can select variations in height, depth, cushion fill and overall comfort and feel.

Modular furniture can be produced to accurately fit spaces as specified.

In some cases when clients do possess valuable heirloom antique furniture or period upholstered furniture in need of restoration, their Designer may wish to refresh and include these classics in a new design.

At Wills Furniture, our experienced and expert craftsmen and artisans know and understand the requirements, materials and methodologies to be utilised in ensuring the genuine and authentic restoration of your heirloom and period upholstered furniture.

This is always a full restoration, not just a recovering. Our specialist upholsterers, machinists and seamstresses fully restore and repair your entire piece. Strappings, timberwork, hand springs, buttoning and studding are all undertaken and presented as finished in as close to the original format as possible. Wills Furniture takes pride in such faithful restorations of heirloom and period pieces and in recreating the pure luxury and comfort of the past.

The Wills team upholster and restore lounge suits, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, bedroom chairs, dining chairs, barstools and tub chairs, bedheads and ottomans of all types. We can also advise you on whether restoration vs a new piece is feasible for later period pieces. In many cases, furniture restored by Wills will leave our studio and workshop in much better shape than that of its original manufacture. Furniture restored and refurbished by the Wills team it will become a featured piece of furniture that can ultimately lift the whole new design envisaged by your Designer.

Our Workshop and artisans working in our Hawthorn factory enjoy a connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of earlier times through the direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family who had owned and operated Wills Furniture for over 80 years. Paul has ensured that the original rigid quality standards applied in the past are still adhered to today, ensuring that the quality and standard of excellence required then is still achieved on every piece of Wills Furniture today across the entire Wills Collection.

At Wills we offer a fully professional service providing free no obligation quotes, pickup and delivery, completing your furniture on time to an agreed schedule. As well as antique and period restoration, Wills offer standard reupholstery, re-polishing, advice and service. All restorative works and reupholstery are carried out at our factory and workshop located behind our showrooms. Please call on 03 9815 0111 or use our contact form here on our contact page for a consultation with our team during lockdown. Please don’t hesitate to call and enquire about your specialised custom upholstery recovery projects.

So remember whether it’s a new Bespoke creation or a beautifully restored Heirloom antique, trust Wills Furniture to faithfully create a truly unique and iconic piece of furniture or restore such unique heirloom classics to their original glory. You can trust the Wills Furniture team to deliver the perfect results every time.

Wills – Design, Luxury, Comfort.

Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best.

Wills Furniture – where you select the fabrics and leathers, the colours and finishing.


At Wills Furniture all clients have the ability and the freedom to select their fabrics, leathers, colours and accessories with their new upholstered furniture. When choosing premium handcrafted, hand built furniture, you and your designer can select from the fabrics and leathers available through Wills from Australia’s and the world’s leading suppliers.


So let’s discuss fabrics. Interior Designers consider a number of factors when determining the right fabric to suit your selection from our exclusive Wills Collection.

For a designer its often somewhat imperious to select a wafting silk or a pure white linen. However good designers realise their clients must live with the fabric selected and it may be the fabric is determined by the potential use of the furniture, its location and the degree of traffic a room may experience. Often choosing an easy to maintain fabric and be a better long term choice.

Image source: Houzz

Here is a list of fabrics, both Natural and Synthetic reprinted from the Houzz.com.au website. It is a useful guide and at Wills Furniture we consider it reasonably accurate and useful.

  • Cotton is durable and resistant to wear and fading, but not as resistant to dirt and wrinkling. Cotton can go from casual to formal depending on the weave.
  • Cotton blends are slightly more durable than cotton due to the mix of additional fibres.
  • Leather is durable and functional. It wears well and gets better with age.
  • Linen is resistant to pilling and fading. It provides a crisp and casual look to furniture. However, it wrinkles and shows dirt easily.
  • Silk is elegant and adds a sophisticated and formal touch to furniture. Due to its delicacy, it’s best for light use and requires professional cleaning.
  • Wool blends with synthetic fibre for easier maintenance. It’s durable while also being resistant to pilling, fading, wrinkling and soil.
  • Acetate is developed as imitation silk, and is resistant to pilling and shrinking; however, it doesn’t hold up well for everyday use due to its tendency to wear, wrinkle and fade in the sun.
  • Acrylic is developed as imitation wool and may pill easily if not of high quality. However, it’s softer than natural wool, and is resistant to wear, wrinkling, dirt and fading.
  • Microfibre fabric is made from polyester fibres, is similar to suede, and easy to maintain.
  • Nylon is often blended with other fibres, creating a durable fabric that won’t wrinkle or soil but may fade and pill.
  • Polyester is usually found in a blend with other fibres, and is resistant to wrinkling and fading.
  • Rayon, though prone to wrinkling, is durable and affordable.
  • Vinyl is durable and a more affordable option compared to leather.

Source: Houzz

Image source: Warwick Fabrics

Functionality and Reality

A clever designer will select fabric that not only looks superb but also wears well, is easy to maintain yet synchronises well with the style of the furniture and the decor and feel of the room you have selected.

amelia crop use

Houzz advises:

Neutral tones and floral prints work well in a traditional space, while bright colours and bold patterns give off a more contemporary vibe. Your lifestyle also dictates your design. Here are four quick questions to ask while browsing upholstery fabric online:

• How long is this upholstery meant to last?
• How often will you clean and iron it?
• Where do you plan to use it – indoors or outdoors?
• Which style furniture pieces is this upholstery meant for?

Source: Houzz

At Wills Furniture we always advise our designers on fabrics and their properties , recommending the best in looks, appearance, quality and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and durability matches the appearances of the fabrics selected.

The choice is yours. Let it reflect your personality, your home and your vision.


For further information please contact us at Wills Furniture on 03 9815 0111 during business hours. Alternatively please utilise the contact us page on our website for a prompt reply.

The Wills Furniture Showrooms are expected to re-open in mid-September. Stay safe and stay healthy.  Always choose Wills Furniture – It’s simply the very best.

It’s probably a Spring Re-opening – Refresh your Commercial spaces with Wills Furniture

Mayfair_0020 wip2

With business activity set to potentially resume in mid-September for a range of Professional services, now is a good time to assess the layout of your waiting rooms, consulting suites and other areas where furniture is important. First impressions are everything. Does your current upholstered furnishing reflect your organisation’s competency and success? It may be time to update and refresh with a selection of Wills Furniture you choose from the exciting Wills Collection.

This particularly applies to Medical Specialist suites, Financial Professionals such as Accountancy groups, Tax Agents, Finance Specialists, Legal Practitioners as well as Educational providers and Wellness clinics. All provide waiting rooms and Consultation suites for clients and as such are vitally important to not only create a good impression, but also to do so with a modicum of comfort and style in mind.

Harmony 1small

For many designers, professional rooms can be a challenging project – a combination of both a corporate feel, yet the need to exude warmth and comfort. The Wills Collection can provide the perfect foil, sumptuous comfortable furniture in a range of styles – both traditional and contemporary.

Modular seating for waiting rooms, reception areas and break-out meeting rooms, sofas, armchairs, boardroom and dining chairs all have a place in such design along with ottomans and occasional chairs.


Add to this the real craftsmanship provided by skilled artisans and the upholstered furniture produced is timeless yet durable and reliable.

Architects and Designers can confidently select from our Commercial Furniture range knowing the same finesse, craftsmanship and excellence is standard with every individual upholstered Wills Furniture item – as well as a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and quality.

As always there is the opportunity for Designers to request custom designs and modifications as may be required with commercial specifications. Wills Furniture upholsterers and craftsmen will interpret the design modifications faithfully with dexterity and skill, ensuring the end result is as desired.

Here are some examples of items suitable for commercial application selected from our catalogue.

The Barrington Sofa


The Barrington is a comfortable sofa that looks impressive in executive offices or specialist medical rooms. It speaks of quality, featuring higher club arms and a fully upholstered coil-sprung back for solid, comfortable support. The hardwood frame with coil springs ensures a solid yet attractive unit. A three seater measuring 2300mm in width as well as a two seater measuring 2000mm are both available and quite suitable for commercial purposes. Matching armchairs and ottomans are also available.

The Houston Sofa


The Houston is an elegant sofa yet it lends itself to utilitarian purposes in business settings, medical rooms or executive offices. it features a coil sprung fitted back with split piped division and large feather wrapped cushions. The cushion materials can be adjusted to suit the expected usage.

A large, solid, sleek profile with polished feet in detail and patina polished finish. The sofa is available as a three seater, two and a half or two seater as well as in an armchair.

The Chicago Chair


When considering occasional chairs for the office or professional rooms take a look at the Chicago chair. A sleek, armless chair, it features twin needle stitched detail creating a tufted effect on the seat and inside back. Nicely finished with fine piping detail to the edges, it’s highly polished timber base and legs complement its overall look and feel.

For further information on upholstered furniture produced by Wills suitable for Commercial application please call on 03 9815 0111 or email us at willsfurniture@bigpond.com and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements. Or click here and leave your details on our Contact page and a staff member will contact you to make an appointment or answer your enquiry.

Wills Furniture for Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Always choose Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best.

Dining Chairs and Occasional Chairs from the Wills Collection

Since the current lockdown period began (over three weeks ago this week), the family home has certainly enjoyed a workout. With the kids all sitting up at the dining table with their computers and iPads, the old dining chairs have really started to show their age. It’s time to consider replacing them and Wills Furniture offer a brilliant selection as part of their Wills Collection.


Wills Furniture offer a superb selection of Dining chairs, occasional chairs, kitchen stools and tub chairs. Our stunning collection of beautifully handcrafted hand built chairs will admirably suit your purpose. Select the dining chairs to match your Dining table, choose the fabrics or leathers, beautiful timbers, sturdy, built to last a lifetime.

Occasional chairs


A classic chair made by craftsmen using traditional techniques and upholstered for comfort and style is a wonderful choice. It can become the focus within a room or accompany a sumptuous sofa. The chairs in the Classic Collection at Wills Furniture offer traditional design and real comfort. Constructed from eucalypt hardwood, F7 Victorian Ash which is hand-picked and kiln dried, the frames are dowelled, glued and cramp joined, with sturdy corner blocks. Hand sprung hourglass steel coils, sprung edge seats, jute webbing, hand laced and finished with a stitched edge creates seats that are supremely comfortable and certainly built to last.

The Adelaide Chair


This classic English design has a claw style arm and is available with a tight fitted back, coil sprung or a loose back cushion. It is elegant with polished legs with brass castors or choose a more ladylike option with a pleated skirt (fully lined) or even a combination of both, if desired.

The Alexandra Chair


This occasional chair has a sprung fitted seat with quaint scroll arms, and a curved, filled back for sumptuous comfort. Once again you have a choice of polished legs or a skirted finish.

The Annabel Chair


This lovely bedroom chair is a compact size to fit the boudoir. Its armless design features a traditional deep diamond buttoned back. It has a coil sprung seat and tailored skirt.

The Auburn Chair


This wing chair is an optimal size with square, compact arms in a sleek, flowing design with twin piping on the arms. The chair is complemented by fine, elegant legs and brass castors. Sumptuous feather cushions and a uniquely designed coil sprung lumbur support back ensure comfort plus seating.

Simply select the design of your choice from our Wills Furniture Collection and the fabric of your choice from any fabric supplier to create a designer seat for your interior space.


Whether its modern contemporary style or traditional form and elegance – Wills Furniture is your destination. Your Designer or Decorator can browse through our extensive selection and be confident of finding the right setting, combination or piece to complete the wonderful vista planned for your home.

Continuing with chairs from the Wills Dining Chair Collection, today we review the Odeon, the Sebastian, the Stockton and the Venice. All beautifully upholstered and stylish dining chairs. (The Stockton is perhaps more of a barstool or tub stool)

The Odeon


A low back sleek contemporary design with elegantly tapered legs, this delightful chair will suit any modern home or setting. Medical rooms, waiting rooms and board rooms are also Commercial possibilities. It is a very adaptable chair. With a generous seat size, hand sprung coil seating, sumptuous cushioning and a solid timber frame, this is a supremely comfortable chair.

The Sebastian


Definitely a dining classic with scroll back, detailed provincial style legs and a generous height. Comfort is assured with padded back and coil spring seating with plush cushioning.

The Venice


A unique curved back dining chair. Sleek, elegant lines curving down to low tapered arms, this chair is eye catching yet comforting. It can be used as a dining chair or an occasional chair. Polished tapered timber legs feature brass castors and its overall finish is completed with a precise piped border.

And lastly the Stockton


This chair can be used as a barstool or Kitchen stool. With its arched back tub style, timber detailing and firm foam seat, it’s the barstool that won’t see you moving too far – it’s so comfortable. Strong durable frame – its built to last a lifetime. So cheers to the Stockton!

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