Prepare for Spring and the Festive Season with a new Dining Setting from Wills Furniture

With the arrival of Spring, warmer weather and longer days, it’s the season for entertainment, Daylight Saving, The Racing Carnival, and then we are into Christmas, the holidays and Summer. It’s a great time to spruce up your dining settings. Why not select new chairs from our fabulous Wills Collection?


Hand built and artisan crafted from the finest selected timbers and fabrics (or leather if you prefer) the Wills Dining Chair Selection is simply superb.

This week we present a selection of some of our more popular chairs.

The Hotham


Let’s start with the Hotham. One of our more popular selections, the Hotham is a standard humpback styled chair, utilitarian yet simple and attractive. With tapered legs, choose between Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak, both of which can be highly polished or painted as desired. Enjoy the superb comfort of the hand tied coil sprung seat whilst relaxing over a good vintage with friends. See details

The Melba


A standard scroll-back style dining chair, it’s simple yet attractive. Again the choice is tapered legs in either Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak. Your Interior Designer can select to polish the legs or have them painted to specification. See details

The Hotham Carver


A variation of the Hotham, the Carver differs with highly polished timber arms and is slightly wider and higher to make the chair a feature of each end of the dining table. It’s eminently suitable to combine with the Hotham in creating a unique dining table ensemble. See details

The Odeon


A low back sleek contemporary design with elegantly tapered legs, this delightful chair will suit any modern home or setting. Medical rooms, waiting rooms and board rooms are also Commercial possibilities. It is a very adaptable chair. With a generous seat size, hand sprung coil seating, sumptuous cushioning and a solid timber frame, this is a supremely comfortable chair. See details

The Sebastian


Definitely a dining classic with scroll back, detailed provincial style legs and a generous height. Comfort is assured with padded back and coil spring seating with plush cushioning. See details

The Venice


A unique curved back dining chair. Sleek, elegant lines curving down to low tapered arms, this chair is eye catching yet comforting. It can be used as a dining chair or an occasional chair. Polished tapered timber legs feature brass castors and its overall finish is completed with a precise piped border. See details

The Stockton


This chair can be used as a barstool or Kitchen stool. With its arched back tub style, timber detailing and firm foam seat, it’s the barstool that won’t see you moving too far – it’s so comfortable. Strong durable frame – its built to last a lifetime. So cheers to the Stockton! See details

With all dining chairs there is the option of selecting piping or studded finishes, with your choice of fabric or leather for the upholstery you desire. Wills Furniture has a range of traditional and contemporary dining chairs available for your selection. Simply refer to our Wills Dining Chair Collection here

Take the time to visit our showrooms, studio and workshop at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Call now on 03 9815 0111 and make an appointment with our Manager Mr John Sharkey to discuss your needs. And remember, always choose Wills Furniture, with over 80 years experience – It’s simply the best.

Wills Furniture Traditional and Magnificent – GO TIGERS


Macquarie 2000px.jpgThe Wills Collection – a superb selection of handcrafted furniture; each piece crafted and upholstered traditionally in our modern studio here in Melbourne. Wills Furniture is an iconic and time honoured manufacturer of upholstered furniture with over 80 years experience; offering a superb selection of both Classic and Contemporary design in sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, dining chairs, ottomans, bedheads and more.


When Interior Designers and Decorators choose upholstered furniture as a centrepiece or key design element, it’s always invariably a Wills selection. Unique, handcrafted with the finest of materials, a Wills sofa or chair not only looks wonderful, it’s simply a delight to sit upon – comfort, luxury and impeccable design – a true masterpiece.


Upholsterers used to be called ‘Upholders’. In the 18th Century it referred more to those who repaired furniture rather than the artisans who created new pieces.

Upholders often doubled as interior decorators, taking full responsibility for the overall look and feel of a room, providing the aspect/s desired by the home owner and householder. Such craftsmen were members of the ‘Worshipful Company of Upholders’. Originally these artisans provided upholstery, textiles and fittings for funerals (perhaps this may provide insight into some of the sombre interiors of the times).

Amelia_a20151029a painting lowered crop 2000px.jpg

As it was, generally a cabinet maker would pair or partner an ‘upholder’ to provide what came to be known as ‘Traditional Upholstery’.

Traditional Upholstery


Over the centuries, traditional upholstery evolved. The padding and covering of chairs, seats and sofas became recognised as an accepted craft, long before sewing machines, synthetic fabrics or various types of foam were ever available.

Traditional methodologies for upholstery involve using a solid wood frame or platform (webbed). It can also involve various kinds of springs, lashings, stuffing (animal hair and feathers), grasses and coir, wools, hessians, scrims, bridle ties, stuffing ties, blind stitching, flocks and wadding, all built up by hand.

By the early 17th Century, chair seats were being padded if in a somewhat basic fashion. The shapes and styles of upholstery we now consider ‘classic’ (both the shapes and manufacturing techniques were popularised in the 17th Century), but remained the province of the very wealthy. New techniques gave greater control with the ‘stuffing’ enabling further definition in the upright and sloping lines of popular furniture.

The Victorian era saw excessive stuffing and padding pay homage to the fashionable opulence of the era.

And as the craft evolved with stainless steel springs and new lashing techniques, the seats, backs and arms were further built up, independent of the solid frame’s shape. More complex stuffings, elaborately shaped rolls and scrolls, with different fabrics allowing soft padded shapes by means of buttoning saw new styles and shapes evolve until we have the types of furniture we now feature in our exclusive Wills Collection.

The Wills team faithfully follow the techniques described, handed down over the centuries from the original ‘Upholders’ to today’s specialist upholstery artisans.

All Wills Furniture is handmade faithfully to those tried and true techniques. For further information please leave your details here or call us on 03 9815 0111 for assistance or to book an inspection of our Wills Collection at our showroom located at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn 3122.

Wills Furniture – It’s simply the best.

Classic Design from Wills Furniture – Craftsmanship and Timeless Beauty.


The soft lighting catches just a hint of a reflection. The sofa is a classic design. upholstered in a fine velvet, deep blue. Breathtakingly beautiful, its traditional form is a hand crafted, hand built masterpiece. Truly bespoke, it’s the work of master craftsmen – it’s from Wills Furniture.


Whether your home is a fully renovated heritage classic on St Vincent’s Place Albert Park, a Federation period home, either a Californian Bungalow or a magnificent Queen Anne style home – the Wills Collection offers you a superb range of Classic Sofas and Chairs to complement the period and style of your home.


Your interior designer or architect can provide required modifications to ensure your selected furniture is the perfect completion of your home and its features. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses. Be comfortable, be satisfied. Select from Wills for a perfect finish.

The Wills Collection represents a refined selection of stylish designs that offer genuine luxury and supreme comfort. From the classic Clivedon and Adelaide Sofas through to the more informal St Pierre, the Amelia and the Sheffield – Wills offers an exquisite range of individual styles, fabrics and finishing from which to choose.

Classic Sofas


Naturally with our Classic Sofas we offer a full range of Classic Chairs – Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and bedroom classics.

Classic Chairs


All Wills Furniture is handcrafted using the finest of fabric, leathers and solid framing with sumptuous cushioning. Minor modifications to suit floor plans and necessary alterations are possible – simply notify us prior to your final order.


Wills Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today.

You can arrange a visit to the Wills Factory and Showrooms at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn by calling 03 9815 0111 or by leaving your details here.

At Wills Furniture, we offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.

Wills Furniture – Unique handcrafted beauty


Wills Furniture is created and crafted right here in Melbourne. Our Studio Workshop is located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. A modern, well equipped factory, the Wills Collection is the result of over 80 years of tradition and craftsmanship.

Classical or contemporary, at Wills we select the very best in materials – framing, fabrics and leathers, hand tied springs, cushioning and accessories.

With Wills it is possible to speak with our team regarding your preferred piece of furniture, comfortable in the knowledge a genuine one-off sofa, armchairs or occasional chair is being genuinely handcrafted and upholstered in the traditional fashion to your preferred specifications.

Check out our Wills Furniture Collection and then get the advice of your selected Interior Designer. Bold, bright, beautiful? Or soft, demure and understated? The choice will be yours. Let your home reflect your style, your personality, your vision.

The Wills Collection offers a wide range of styles and designs from which to choose. Experiment with fabric choice – leathers, woven materials, cottons, linen or wool. For a summer feel, look to fabric collections such as Warwick, Tigger Hall or Anna Spiro Design. Find inspiration, find guidance. Create your vision with vibrancy, colour and style.

The Wills Team are often called upon to create beautiful new Bespoke pieces by Designers and Decorators as well as Architects. Wills will work with the Designer to bring to life their unique vision, offering advice on how to ensure maximum comfort and beauty. Whether it’s fully modular furniture, ottomans, bench seating or traditional sofas and chairs, the Wills Team will ensure a perfect rendition of the Designer’s vision every time. Applying Craftsmanship and traditional methods, a quality finished piece is produced every time.

Modular furniture can be constructed to fit spaces exactly. With modern apartments this can be vitally important to achieving the look desired and effectively utilising the space available.

Don’t hesitate. Browse through our Wills Collection here and call us on 03 9815 0111 to book an appointment to view our showroom located at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn. Or leave your contact details here. Choose Wills and experience the very best in traditional upholstered furniture.

Design, Luxury Comfort – You know it’s from Wills.

Contemporary Occasional Chairs – Please relax and be seated.

Madrid chair crop

When it’s time to refurbish and redecorate your home, the services of an Interior Designer are invaluable. With new vision, a totally refreshed living area can be presented in a unique and stylish fashion. Bespoke furniture, classic or modern and contemporary? There really is only one choice – The Wills Collection. Design, luxury and comfort for over 80 years. Handcrafted, artisan finished upholstered furniture at its very best.

At Wills, each item is lovingly crafted by skilled tradesmen and women. The finest fabrics and leathers are selected from leading local and international Fabric houses and suppliers. Each production step is thorough and refined with perfect finishing. Guided by patriarch Paul Newham and current Manager John Sharkey, Wills Furniture after 80 years is still producing the most beautiful furniture to the same exacting standards.

Georgian Chairs 2.jpg

This week we look at chairs. Often there is the need for a particular style occasional chair, whether it’s for a bedroom, study, hallway or sunroom.

The Wills Collection offers a wide selection of different style chairs – armchairs, dining chairs and occasional chairs – designs that will meet the brief for all interior spaces and individual client requirements.

This is a high quality collection of very popular designs. Customisation and modification to suit particular needs is always possible with Wills.

There are four main categories of chairs…

This week we feature chairs from the Wills Contemporary Chair Collection, a superb and inspiring selection.

The Avoca


This elegant, art deco style chair features sweeping rolled arms with piping detail. The studio look chair with polished Ash timber legs can be upholstered in leather or any fabric chosen. Comfort is assured with its sprung lumbar support, upholstered back and hand tied coil sprung seat.

The Barrington


A classic, club armchair with polished tapered, timber feet. This style works well in a relaxed lounge room, billiard room or study. A chair to sink into and relish its comfort with a sprung fitted back and hand tied coil sprung seat. A matching Barrington sofa is also available in the Wills Furniture Collection.

The Chicago


This sleek, armless chair features twin needle stitch detail to create a tufted effect on the seat and inside back. It is nicely finished with fine piping detail to the edges. Its highly polished timber base and legs complement the unique style.

The Tecoma


This stylish design is well suited as an ideal bedroom chair or stunning occasional chair. The highly polished balloon back with padded seat and arms and featuring double piping detail lends an air of elegant grace. The timber frame is made from low grain Beech which, once polished, leaves a smooth, uniform finish.

The Florida


This unique, armless style chair with firm spring seat features a wing back and plump feather cushioning to sink into. It is handsomely finished with a polished timber base and legs. Strength is assured with a hardwood frame.

The Kerferd


Popular occasional armchair with sleek, top stitched arms. Divinely comfortable with its sprung, tight fitted back and sumptuous, feather combination seat cushion. Fine, polished timber legs complete the design. This is an ideal, comfortable chair in an interior design with minimal space for seating, due to its finer proportions.

The Madrid


A contemporary style chair with a compact design that is admirably suited to contemporary house styles. This chair is made with comfort in mind, with its padded arms, tight, fitted back and fully sprung, fitted seat. It also has the option of feather combination cushioning. The upholstered seat is nicely balanced against the polished timber base.

At Wills, we offer the art of the possible, Bespoke Design or careful modification combined with your selection of fabric, leather and accessories.

Call Wills now on 03 9815 0111 to schedule a visit to our showrooms, workshop and studio located at 6 Guest St Hawthorn. Feel free to call and discuss your next project. Alternatively, you can leave your details here for a prompt reply.

Always select from Wills Furniture.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

It’s simply the best.

Bespoke Creation or Restored Masterpiece – Always Trust Wills Furniture – We Deliver.


Interior Designers and Decorators pride themselves on presenting bespoke design. With furniture to achieve the beautiful results required to provide a stunning interior decor, it often comes down to having the right team of artisans, upholsterers and framers to create or customise the sofas, armchairs, ottomans, dining settings and bedheads presented to clients. The right team is Wills Furniture – still handcrafting and upholstering original furniture traditionally after 80 years.

Clients luxuriate in the look and feel of Wills Furniture. Whether selected from our carefully maintained Wills Collection or a one off bespoke design, Designers can be confident of superb quality, handcrafted furniture presented with an immaculate finish. Furniture as it’s meant to be – no cookie cutter or production line mass production, just pure finesse, skill and ultimately genuine comfort, pure luxury.

The Wills Collection offers a wide array of choices, both classic and contemporary. It’s not unusual when preparing a refreshed or renewed interior design that the designer requires flexibility in modifying a current item of furniture from our Wills Catalogue to suit the space it is intended for, be it size, height or features such as arms, piping, legs or castors. With the Wills team Designers can select variations in height, depth, cushion fill and overall comfort and feel.

Modular furniture can be produced to accurately fit spaces as specified.


In some cases clients may possess valuable heirloom antique furniture or period upholstered furniture in need of restoration. The Designer may wish to refresh these items and use and incorporate them in a new design.


At Wills Furniture, our highly trained craftsmen and artisans know and understand the requirements, materials and methodologies to be utilised in ensuring a genuine and authentic restoration of heirloom and period upholstered furniture.


This is a full restoration, not just a recovering. Our specialist craftsmen and women – upholsterers, machinists and seamstresses fully restore and repair your entire piece. Strappings, timberwork, hand springs, buttoning and studding are all undertaken and presented in as close to original format as possible. Wills Furniture takes pride in such faithful restorations to heirloom and period pieces and in recreating the luxury and comfort of the past.


The Wills team upholster and restore lounge suits, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, bedroom chairs, dining chairs, barstools and tub chairs, bedheads and ottomans of all types. We can also advise you on whether restoration vs a new piece is feasible for later period pieces. In many cases, Furniture restored by Wills will leave our workshop in much better shape than that of its original manufacture. Furniture restored and refurbished by Wills becomes a featured piece of furniture that can lift a whole design.

Our Workshop and artisans working in our Hawthorn factory enjoy a connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of earlier times through the direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family who had owned and operated Wills Furniture for over 80 years. Paul has ensured that the original rigid quality standards applied in the past are still adhered to today, ensuring the same quality and standard of excellence is still achieved on every piece of Wills Furniture today across the entire Wills Collection.


At Wills we offer a fully professional service providing free no obligation quotes, pickup and delivery, completing your furniture on time to an agreed schedule. As well as antique and period restoration, Wills offer standard reupholstery, re-polishing, advice and service. All restorative works and reupholstery are carried out at our factory and workshop located behind our showroom at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn. Visitors are welcome to visit our showroom, by appointment. Please call on 03 9815 0111 or use our contact form here on our contact page. Please don’t hesitate to call and enquire about your specialised custom upholstery recovery projects.


So remember whether it’s a new Bespoke creation or a beautifully restored Heirloom antique, trust Wills Furniture to faithfully create a truly unique and iconic piece of furniture or restore such unique heirloom classics to their original glory. You can trust the Wills Furniture team to deliver the perfect results every time.

Wills – Design, Luxury, Comfort.

Stunning Perfection Every Time. Handcrafted and Finished by Wills Furniture


When considering a new lounge suite, sofa, armchairs or total interior design, Wills Furniture must be your first port of call. At Wills Furniture our character is steeped in the traditional know-how of upholstery, and furniture framing. The Wills standard is one of perfection – quality, comfort and design without compromise.

The Wills team select fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers. There are no ‘short cuts’. Items are all hand crafted and finished in our well appointed Hawthorn workshop to exacting standards.


With over 80 years of experience behind the Wills name, a timeless catalogue of both classic and contemporary furniture is the end result.

This week we will share with you our Classic Sofa Range


The Wills Collection represents a refined selection of stylish designs that offer genuine luxury and supreme comfort. From the classic Clivedon and Adelaide Sofas through to the more informal St Pierre, the Amelia and the Sheffield – Wills offers an exquisite range of individual styles, fabrics and finishing from which to choose.

classic sofas copy.jpg

Naturally with our Classic Sofas we offer a full range of Classic Chairs – Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and bedroom classics.

classic chairs copy.jpg

All Wills Furniture is handcrafted using the finest of fabric, leathers and solid framing with sumptuous cushioning. Minor modifications to suit floor plans and necessary alterations are possible – simply notify us prior to your final order.


Wills Furniture maintains a strong connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of the trade in earlier times through the stewardship and direction of Paul Newham, the son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family – the creators of the Wills Furniture range. The same rigid quality standards of the original factory are maintained today.


You can arrange a visit to the Wills Factory and Showrooms at 6 Guest St, Hawthorn by calling 03 9815 0111 or by leaving your details here.

At Wills Furniture, we offer excellence in Design, Luxury and Comfort.

Wills Furniture – it’s simply the best.

Springtime – Refresh and Renew with Wills Furniture

top image

With Spring fast approaching, and the footy finals but two games away (Go Tigers!) it’s that time of year that we emerge from the gloom of winter and consider it may well be time for refreshment and renewal. It could be that you’ve noticed the family Lounge Suite is looking tired and jaded. Spring – the season for entertaining, for the Racing Carnival, vibrance, colour and joy. Now is the time to renew – in readiness for an exciting and fun filled Spring.

Why not select a new Sofa, lounge suite or dining setting? Complement it with new bedheads that follow the theme in fabrics and colours. The Wills Collection offers a spectacular range of both Classic and Contemporary Furniture. Whatever the interior design or layout of your living areas (consult with your Interior Designer or Decorator) – Wills Furniture has the right selection to grace your home and enhance your comfort in both design and luxury.

Lyon sofa and Calais Stool crop

This week we feature our range of Contemporary Design Sofas and Armchairs. Ottomans, Dining Chairs and Stools can be added in matching or complimentary fabrics in most cases. Given prior notice the Wills team can modify selected Sofas and Armchairs as required for your particular needs – let’s start.

The Wills Furniture Contemporary Sofa Range 

The Wills Furniture Contemporary Armchair Range

Please visit our showroom at 6 Guest St Hawthorn and view the Wills Furniture Collection in person. Call 03 9815 0111 now and make an appointment with our friendly staff or leave your contact details on our website here and we will contact you promptly to make a time suitable and convenient for you.

At Wills, we work closely with a range of Interior Designers and Interior Decorators. If you require assistance in finding such a suitable professional for selecting and dressing furniture items for your home we are pleased to provide referrals for your consideration.

Wills Furniture provide a full range of services including restoration and reupholstering of traditional and classical furniture.

Design – Luxury – Comfort

At Wills, you know, it’s simply the best


Apartment Living – Superb Comfort and space with Wills Furniture.

As Melbourne matures into a major international city, the shift to luxury style apartment living becomes more and more apparent. With many ‘empty-nesters’ trading their traditional homes on quarter acre block for apartment living, there is a greater appreciation of interior space and interactive indoor/outdoor design. Balconies and large panoramic glass windows provide those living in multi-storey apartment complexes with a genuine experience of space, complemented with expansive views to the horizon.


Interior Design now plays an even more important role in such modern living. Modern apartments are spacious, open and interactive. It is the designer’s role to ensure this glorious feeling of space, this uncluttered vista remains sacrosanct. And it is for this reason that furniture selection is so vitally important.

Verona Ottoman.jpeg

Apartments vary, from ultra-modern to older apartments from the 1930s and ‘40s in Art Deco style. With the Wills Collection there is a selection for every application. From contemporary modular units through to more ornate traditional and classic designs featuring scrolled arms and curved backs.

Here are some selections to consider…

The Avalon


A contemporary design with a sleek look, the Avalon sofa has a balanced combination with the symmetry of straight lines and curved detail adding to the minimalist design. A long, singular cushion complementing the back cushions in a flowing straight line finish, together with the slightly splayed padded arms and side bolster cushions make this the perfect sofa to recline and relax on. Polished timber plinth and feet set off the clean, elegant design features.

The Cayman


The Cayman is a long, sleek designed sofa with low profile fitted back, lumbar support cushions, classic square club arms. The cushions are luxuriant with a very full and thick, high grade memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. The sleek, high profile plinth and leg assembly, together with the low profile back, gives a nod to classic 1970’s design. The plinth and legs can be polished or painted in any finish to highlight the slimline, smooth appearance of this sofa.


The Barrington


The Barrington is comfortable, modern contemporary sofa. It speaks of quality, featuring higher club arms and a fully upholstered coil-sprung back for solid, comfortable support. The hardwood frame with coil springs ensures a solid yet attractive unit. A three seater measuring 2300mm in width as well as a two seater measuring 2000mm are both available and quite suitable for commercial purposes. Matching armchairs and ottomans are also available.

The Houston


The Houston is an elegant sofa. It features a coil sprung fitted back with split piped division and large feather wrapped cushions. The cushion materials can be adjusted to suit the expected usage. A large, solid, sleek profile with polished feet in detail and patina polished finish. The sofa is available as a three seater, two and a half or two seater as well as in an armchair.

Please feel free to visit our Showroom in Hawthorn to inspect these or any other sofas in our Wills collection. As visits are by appointment, please call first to arrange an inspection on 03 9815 0111 or leave your details here for a prompt reply.

Wills Furniture – Simply the best

Bespoke Design Furniture from the Wills Collection

For Interior Designers, having access to qualified and experienced artisans, upholsterers and framers means there is a quality avenue to producing the very best in bespoke and customised furniture. Wills Furniture is the perfect destination for Designers wishing to realise their bespoke creations. With confidence and the understanding developed over 80 years plus, the Wills Furniture team will ensure your vision, your creation becomes a true masterpiece.

Wills Furniture offer the art of the possible. Provide drawings and plans and the Wills team will advise you of a completion date and fully costed price.

The Wills team have worked with a wide range of Interior Designers and Decorators over many years. We take great pleasure in breathing life and vibrancy into true Bespoke design with real professionalism, craftsmanship and finesse.

Georgian Sofa dressed in Morris and Co ‘Thistle Weave’, Alexandra Chair in ‘Seasons by May’ and Georgian Stool in ‘Bird Weave’ fabrics from Domestic Textiles Corporation

It’s often that a space or living area requires a unique approach. Whether it is significant modifications to a selected Wills Collection catalogue item or in fact is an entirely new design, the Wills team can create the perfect replication of the design supplied and required.

From Modular Furniture, Ottomans, Bench Seating, Traditional Sofas and Armchairs to Bedheads, the Wills team will add life to any design and breath vitality into what then becomes a living design. The end result is a high quality finished piece of furniture, produced utilising the traditional methods and craftsmanship of the Wills team.

Selected and Bespoke design furniture can be produced to accurately fit spaces specified. Designers and Decorators can request small variations in height, in depth, cushion fill and overall comfort and feel.

banner20190801a Aug Sept Oct2.jpg

The Wills Bedhead Collection is also now available to complete an overall design package. Choose from our standard range right now and receive a 50% discount until the end of October. Click here for more information. Or you can design a specific Bedhead to suit your overall bespoke design vision – the Wills Furniture team will deliver a perfect realisation of your vision.

From our Wills Collection this week we offer a selection of the more classical sofas and chairs.


Take a look at the Whitehall Sofa. With traditional Diamond Buttoning this beautiful chesterfield styled sofa speaks of luxury and comfort. With large splayed out scrolled arms featuring inset piping detail, the overall finish is class, simply stunning. The sofa is finished with chunky timber legs or piano sized casters – or a tailored skirt.


The Florence Sofa is another exquisite standard, a classical Victorian style sofa. It features a diamond buttoned upholstered back, large scrolled padded arms, polished legs and castors. It may well be a ‘standard’ but there is nothing ‘standard’ about this gorgeous sofa – it is an elegant piece of furniture that simply oozes class. It will complete any selected living space. And if you prefer it can be provided with a full fluted skirt. With luxurious feather down cushions it is sublimely comfortable, overall it is a memorable and stunningly beautiful decorative piece.

From the same period we have the classic winged chair. Two that are ever popular are the Columbia Chair and the Kooyong Chair.


The Columbia, a classic winged chair with scrolled arms splayed out, piping facing detail and a pleated rolled edge, features a high wing back with fully sprung lumbar support. Polished Tasmanian Oak legs and stretcher rails create an elegant finish. Sumptuously comfortable with feather combination cushioning and a matching foot stool as an option, this is truly a chair to sink into and relax.

With Wills you can trust the fine craftsmanship – from real artisans creating timeless and beautiful furniture – furniture to simply relax, enjoy and be delighted by.

For a full review of our whole collection please click here — and enjoy.

Call now on 9815 0111 and arrange a Showroom viewing at your convenience – or leave your details here and one of our staff members will reply promptly to your enquiry.

Wills Furniture – Design, Luxury, Comfort.

It’s simply the best.